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  1. I love hearing the wind and rain, especially at night. Prefer having 'interesting weather' rather than dull, grey and mild! The BBC have weather warnings for the next four days! Interesting that Sunday may give us a rain to snow event....however, think we are going to need to wait for a few weeks to see anything really promising. Always hopeful 😍
  2. So cold today.....that wind!! Can we fast forward to spring please (or have a total snowfest!) x
  3. It’s been okay, always love the build up and when it comes off, even better. Off to the Biggin Hill fields with the mad Spaniel and my youngest and see what’s left. Keston ponds still frozen with snow on top, nice to see. My money is on next year 😊.
  4. Steady snow here for the last hour, covering on everything 😍
  5. Good evening Tom (and all)! These photo's are fab; thank you for taking the time to post them! Particularly like the one of Keston Ponds. I think you'd be a great Cabbie....worth jumping in just to hear your stories πŸ™‚. Really hoping Biggin Hill does better tomorrow evening and Friday (desperate for a snow day). Fingers crossed for us all.
  6. Nice transition and settling on the patio...... now just need it to stall over us 🀞
  7. C for me, followed closely by A 😎
  8. I'd like he same please for Biggin Hill 😎
  9. Good Evening Tom! Yes, gutted that Biggin Hill was not the sweet spot it so often is...but hey, cannot grumble about something I cannot control! The afternoon run up and eager anticipation made a nice change (did try and get some work done while hopping between forums and various weather apps / forecasts / websites lol). Think ice could be be a real issue in the morning, although NetWeather says snow for Biggin Hill from 3am until lunch time tomorrow....if only! I refuse to believe that you have missed the only snow of the winter whilst napping......that really would sum up the worst winter ever. Fingers and everything else crossed for more cold, ice and 'snow producing' conditions for us all!!
  10. Unusual for us to miss out... keeping things crossed for later on and possibly tomorrow 🀞
  11. Wow.....nothing here down the road in Biggin Hill πŸ˜ͺ
  12. Light snow in Biggin Hill. Big drop in temp when driving home from Bromley......lovely ☺️
  13. Merry Christmas you lovely lot!!! Beautiful frosty night and hoping for lots of fog too...this is fine (as no snow lol). Planning on doing something different next year, guaranteed snow and no stress is the plan. Enjoy your day everyone and lets's do a little snow dance for January x
  14. Was going to ask what happened to 'his' finger and on checking on the spelling of his name, came across this: well in the absence of any decent weather lol we
  15. Can confirm sleet, with the odd snow flake mixed in 😎