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  1. Beautiful day here in Biggin Hill, although it took it's time and the wind has got a little nip to it! Heading out for a picnic shortly, wine and scotch eggs got rather well together, I hear 😉 Have a lovely day all x
  2. Wondering where the trampoline will be in the morning! Really gusty and now heavy (much needed) rain! What a difference to this time last year!
  3. Beautiful walk, amongst the bluebells. Warm in the sunshine and then got caught in a few snow showers.......lovely ☺️ xx
  4. Well today makes up for Wednesday! Unexpected warmth today (even have tan lines).....a fantastic Easter Sunday! Going to be a shock to the system tomorrow, but hopefully will be short lived! Have a lovely evening x
  5. So disappointing today! Yesterday was beautiful but couldn't take advantage....hey ho. Tom, I hope today went as well as it could and you were able to say goodbye in your own way x
  6. Thank you.....it was after quite a vibrant storm. Wish I had been there!
  7. My cousin sent me this fantastic photo from Berlin. Can someone tell me what these clouds are called please?
  8. I was just thinking how weird the sky looked today! At least I know why now, thanks.
  9. Snowing moderately here at the moment. Beautiful after a sunny and freezing morning! Is this the last hurrah? x
  10. Still snowing. Much more difficult on the roads and pavements here. Not as windy as I thought it would be. Another afternoon of sledging 😎.
  11. It’s snowing here and the wind has really picked up. There is certainly a delay but let’s not throw the towel in yet x
  12. Love it when the forum is so busy. Learning (slowly) how to read the charts....i'll get there. Thanks to all that give us the knowledgeable updates. Few G & T's tonight and hoping for breakfast snow watching, sledging at lunchtime and home, happy for more snow watching at dinner. We'll see x
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