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  1. I am hopeful for a frosty Christmas morning here in Biggin Hill ?. Sun is out today (after a brief, fairly heavy shower); , just sat watching two squirrels and two robins filling up on nuts and seed. Merry Christmas everyone.....fingers crossed for some wintry, snowy weather in the new year (a complete 'white out' would be awesome, but perhaps wishing for a bit too much). Enjoy your festivities x
  2. I don't like flying at the best of times, sounds hideous! Enjoy your trip!
  3. Really quiet when I woke up at around 7am, even sat outside for a while in the sun! Now very dark and howling winds.... off back to bed ?
  4. Wind has suddenly dropped after a very intense shower and now a rainbow. Pretty crazy weather ?
  5. It's been cloudy and somewhat cool today?! Was expecting more warmth and humidity. Sun finally made an appearance at around 3.30pm, which heated things up rapidly, however, we still have a pretty keen breeze, which is lovely. Looking forward to some storms and then perfect summer conditions for next weekend.
  6. Lightening and thunder.... love it. Heavy rain too ?
  7. Very heavy rain here atm .....looking forward to some lightening ?.
  8. Good morning! I wonder if someone might be able to help me. I bit of a long shot, however, a friend of mine has asked if I can recall the dates of around 2/3 months ago when we had particularly high / damaging winds (London / Kent area). They need these details for insurance purposes. Any assistance would be gratefully received! Many thanks Scrat
  9. Are there any good radar pics anyone can share? So love a good storm, however, rather it was on a Friday night so that I can stay up and watch!
  10. Much cloudier than I expected, yesterday and today. Working from home, so would be nice if the sun showed an appearance. Fingers crossed for some more storms later!
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