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  1. May be. It's dying down a bit now, but I'd say we heard a good 10 loud rumbles of thunder and I saw 4 lightning strikes to accompany.
  2. I'd say a thunderstorm warning the primary threat is thunder with a few lightning C-G strikes possible, whereas a Lightning warning probably focuses more towards C-G strikes. I could be wrong though.
  3. Still waiting to hear the thunder here. Today seems like it's got the potential for Somerset.
  4. I bet it is. It's just started raining for us, but doesn't look like any thunder / lightning will spawn from this unfortunately.
  5. Met office saying that we're under thunderstorms now, but not a spot of rain!
  6. My alexa said that it was currently raining for me and I could expect 20mm in 15 minutes, but not a drop has fallen. 😂😂
  7. There is a lovely cool breeze now. No thunder or any rain, but it's nice to just have a cool breeze.
  8. It's looking promising for somerset! Just waiting for the forecast that takes me out of the equation for these storms aha
  9. While yes, the storms may (and probably wont) be as bad as yesterday, no warnings have been 'removed' as per say, just shrunk down to where they think the thunderstorms will have the most chance of happening.
  10. was to expand the time until midday as they said thunderstorms could last longer.
  11. The 06z Arome actually has some good potential for us! Hopefully it's right like it has been throughout these past few days.
  12. The yellow warning for thunderstorms has been updated. "Warning has been removed from parts of the north. However the impact level has been increased to high, given the potential for exceptional rainfall."
  13. Every day at this time I have been forecast around 50% for thunderstorms and torrential rain each time, and then the next hour the forecast changes to sunny skies and no storm chance. Hopefully this time it stays, even though I don't have high hopes.
  14. I just checked the Arome, and it seems like the system moving south-west will die out just before it hits me. Sad.
  15. They put me in a 45% risk.. That has to be wrong, I dont reckon anything south west of Bristol will see anything.
  16. Last night was amazing. The lightning was constant over Ilfracombe and Minehead. I could see it from where I live. Not a hint of thunder just constant flashes. Only the 2nd time I've ever seen this. Once again, my chance for storms today has been decreased from 77% to 29%, so I'm really not expecting anything spectacular, but I remain hopeful.
  17. Netweather gave me an 80% chance for a storm today, and then decreased it to 14% the hour after. I have another day of a 77% chance for a storm according to it, but I don't have any high hopes.
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