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  1. well i think im gona go to bed nothing is gonna hit southampton tonight if it does my windows are wide open
  2. i know and my nephew who is 6 is looking at me and saying is thor not coming, have i done something bad. it is so sad
  3. im about to get the ouija board out and ask them to drag it south XD
  4. damn 😞 if only the moved southwest and grew in size id be happy just to see the rain 😞
  5. dry as a bone here in southampton whilst some nice rain storms 11 miles north of me 😞
  6. must be facing north-northwest and i have a webcamera facing the east south east and showing nothing
  7. its picking up elevated cloud lightning and the ground looks flat with light on horizon could it be picking up the essex storm in chanel?
  8. bottom left RHDR cam has nice footage of the storm when it pans left
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