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  1. Yep, I am hoping for that too I am in Chelmsford... We have the rain, unusual to get a few hours rain followed by a storm isn't it?
  2. Some very dark blue, with pink clouds around Chelmsford probably nothing but they look stormy
  3. Some nice clouds building over Chelmsford and the wind has picked up
  4. I did drive round on way to Alps 2 years ago it is beautiful! Can't wait to go back
  5. Thank you! Gotta see if I can convince the girlfriend it's a good idea!
  6. I am off to Lake Como in August, I am hoping for a juicy storm whilst there!!!
  7. So in summary I live in Chelmsford, if I want to see a good storm later on where should I head?
  8. Basically got one big flash and rumble and that was it. ? Nothing on forecast for Chelmsford now either, disappointed!
  9. Presume you are in Chelmsford area then? Nothing since that though.....
  10. Chelmsford... Wind got up about 30 minutes ago now the rain has started, sky is very dark I am hopeful!!!
  11. What is the picture like tomorrow? I will be travelling across Midlands....
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