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  1. Currently sat in my bedroom in Crewe watching the most impressive lightning I’ve ever seen in this country, it’s like a firework display. Looking at the map I’ve got plenty of this to come I’m only on the leading edge of it. Not too much thunder and no rain yet just constant flashes of lightning
  2. Seems like its all going to spark off to the North and East of me, Can see it really starting to kick off in the distance in that direction from my garden.
  3. It's clouded over here now, I can see some towers starting to make an attempt but it doesn't look anywhere near as primed to go as last week
  4. Blue sky to the south of me now and the rain has stopped, I can already see some convective stuff going up in the distance
  5. Still raining but it's brightening up now, looking at the radar this rain should be gone soon
  6. Heavy rain in Crewe now but looking at the satellite picture the sun should be out before too long, keeping my fingers crossed for something sparking off this afternoon
  7. It is a shame. The radar says it should be raining where I am now but there's nothing yet
  8. Just attempted to nip to the shop and loads of flooding! Looks like we’re done with thunder for the time being just a load more rain now
  9. Massive storm once again in Crewe,heavy rain and lots and lots of lightning and thunder. Took a while to get going and had a few false starts this afternoon but the past half hour has been brilliant. 4th day in a row here, more storms this week than in the past few years combined
  10. Rumbles here in Crewe, one cell between us and stoke and another over towards Nantwich looking at the radar. 4th day in a row for me
  11. This is building rapidly to my north, can visibly see it going up if I stand and watch. It’s already passed me but north Cheshire might get something from this It’s on the radar now between Holmes Chapel and Knutsford
  12. That shower has fizzled out straight away. Something big building to my northeast,nothing on the radar yet but that won’t last long looking at it
  13. This has just fired up pretty much overhead, and towers going up to the northeast in the same area as the earlier storm. Looks like Cheshire and Manchester will have some more fun this afternoon
  14. All quiet here now but the sun is making an effort so hopefully something kicks off later
  15. Same here, looked like everything was missing me until about 16:30 yesterday afternoon when a huge storm popped up in the space of 20 minutes and gave a solid hour of thunder and heavy rain
  16. Lots of thunder from this passing just to my northeast in Crewe.
  17. Sun keeps trying to break through here in Crewe. Hoping for another storm after the monster we had yesterday afternoon
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