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  1. Wish I could!! it’s kept me up I’m absolutley shattered!!
  2. Another hour and a half storm just finished here. Lots of thunder and lightning which was all very close! seems to have stopped now.
  3. Been a pretty big storm here now for the past 2 hours! Torrential rain, pretty big claps of thunder and loads of lightning strikes, still going on!
  4. Nothing whatsoever here all day. It’s been blue cloudless skies all day with a small shower at about 7 this morning and that’s it.
  5. Pretty big storm here about an hour ago. The rain was torrential and counted about 20 lightening strikes that were about a mile away (some were much closer). Some pretty impressive thunder too.
  6. This is why I’m petrified of lightning lol no chance I’m sleeping when there is a storm!
  7. I’ve seen absolutely nothing at all the past few days, most likely will tomorrow though.
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