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  1. Thunder here in beds/bucks but nothing on either detectors again *shrugs. Makes it more challenging to know whether to expect more or not or where from!
  2. @Buzzard that lot must be over you now, right? Not massively active but making a lovely crackling sound every minute or so!
  3. Once again not a single strike being detected on lightning maps or blitzortung. Really strange. Near alyesbury and Leighton buzzard firing overhead.
  4. Wait, are people saying it's still active in the UK right now?? Where??
  5. I'm just up the road near Wing. We have had lots of action this year but LB and Aylesbury seem to take a larger beating. The one a couple of nights ago did die down after looking quite massive in Luton. I just want it all gone now. Bring on winter!
  6. Are there any other lightning detectors? Only 1 out of 20 flashes being registered on lightning maps? Do they only register more powerful lightning or something?
  7. It has been going on for at least 20 minutes. Came in from Berkampsted way. Getting at least a flash a minute. Nothing on either lightning detectors and they're working because they're picking up the French ones.
  8. Quite frustrating, nearly every time lightning is within miles from me, both lightning maps and blitzortung fail to register any of the strikes? I'm just outside Aylesbury in Bucks and there's no sign despite seeing at least a flash a minute and hearing more rumbles.
  9. Multiple rumbles per minute near beds/bucks border. But neither blitzortung or lightning maps logging anything?
  10. I enjoy watching storms and I enjoy the often cooler period they bring, goodness for the garden etc but do people really like the risk of having property damage from strikes, wind, golf ball damage to cars or flooding? I like watching from a safe distance but when an intense storm is overhead for hours it's a bit much I find. Possibly only me who feels this way!
  11. Chunky Bois went up all around me a while ago, then had what feels like our tenth close pass this year. Closest strike to where I am in beds/bucks border was just over 0.5km. Died down as it passed Leighton Buzzard but I wouldn't be surprised if it went off again further past MK.
  12. I mentioned this a few posts up. Where's everyone gone? It looked threatening this afternoon near me in Aylesbury. Possibly where the path may be tomorrow?
  13. I'm surprised there's not more hype about tomorrow? The last few months have been very active on here if there's even a sniff of thunder.
  14. No thunderbangs here in bucks/beds border but lovely cool breeze now and desperately trying to cool the house before all the night-butterflies come in.
  15. Really intense burst of rain in bucks/beds border. Small cell came from nowhere, but only a handful of strikes near by. Very humid here now albeit still feels quite cool.
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