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  1. Last one for tonight as the storm is getting a little bit more distant now as it moves to the North West into Snowdonia, and my phone is gonna run out of battery. Great show from Oswestry though, and the advantage of no rain spoiling the viewing as not close to being directly underneath it!
  2. Almost constant lightning seen to the West of Oswestry in Shropshire, can hear very distant thunder as well. Attached a small (pretty poor) attempt at capturing some of the flashing video-1597094249.mp4
  3. Yet another storm here in Liverpool L7- had around a dozen rumbles but none directly overhead, and only moderate rain for about 10 minutes so think the cell is more over the River Mersey and south of here. With more storms maybe arriving later on this evening seems like we're in the lucky spot this week!
  4. Just realised I have this video as well, where you can see (among the pixels) some of the structure of the front of the storm as it was arriving and the small hail beginning to fall video-1592087360.mp4
  5. Wow that was amazing. Storm came almost right overhead here in Kensington, Liverpool. Managed to sneak into my housemates attic room for a look, and it was definitely worth it! Lots of lightning, torrential rain with some hail mixed in and a few gusts of wind. Tried to get some video of the storm approaching, and then it moving away over the city centre. Not the best quality, and apologies for the annoying auto zoom and some of my attempts to stop too much rain going into my mates bedroom?? Have just realised how poor the quality actually is- hope you can get the gist though! video-1592085331.mp4 video-1592085506.mp4 video-1592085429.mp4
  6. First post on here! Some (not very good photos) from Everton Park in Liverpool City Centre as an ex-thunderstorm came over about 8.35pm. Very little rain reached the ground, but some lovely clouds and skyscapes. Last photo is an (even worse) picture of the big storm up near Southport, could see lightning quite frequently but couldn't get any pictures.
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