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  1. Lots of activity going on in the Swansea are but somehow i keep missing them. 5 have gone north 3 have gone south of me in the last 24 hours. Getting fed up of distant thunder to be honest
  2. Well at least youve had some. Absolutely nothing really major in Swansea just the odd clap of thunder very distant
  3. Wow its been a long time since anything interesting has happened but there are now rumbles to the south of Swansea!
  4. Sorry I’m a bit worried about these storms in the SW because they look like they are during down a bit. Anyone got any thoughts??
  5. We’ve had a decent amount here in Swansea again!! Continuous lightening, saw it from a distance so only heard faint rumbling
  6. Mad cloud formations ya know. Phone doesn’t do it justice. Experts do you reckon these showers will actually turn into storms.
  7. Problem with the storm in the channel is that most of the lightening is staying to the french coastline
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