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  1. Yes I was recently thinking that we have not had a terrible May for ages, but this certainly came close (as did 2013). Anyway, 2015 I would say was indeed the worst one of the summers so far since 2012, although it was worse in the 2nd half whereas 2012 was the other way round. Both Friday 24th and sunday 26th July were diabolical, wetter than many days in summer 2012 or 2007. I think you do have to give it credit for holding the July record while it did.. but that's about it. June had a few warm days, but many cool ones too. There was a warm weekend in august 8/9th, and a hot day with distant lightning on 22nd. August was the best month of this very mediocre summer
  2. Yes, indeed a build up of cumulus here too but luckily hasn't spread out like it sometimes does.. seems to be diminishing a bit now. Ironically today will probably be the coolest day of the month cet wise so far, despite it being the most summery so far this month.
  3. Yes this was one of the worst summer months I have lived through.. from memory it rained nearly every day in the south, not always large amounts but just so consistently. There was so little sun that nocturnal cooling and daytime heating were forgotten about (the cet wasnt bad, but had pretty high night min this month, and very low daytime max). It was equally as bad as Jun 97, Jun 07, Jul 07 and Jun 12. Aug 10 and Aug 14 very nearly matched it for poorness though.
  4. Yes.. all the sun in the spring and rain now should also ensure some really good leaf colours come autumn.. let's just hope its not as windy then as it is now!!
  5. I'd agree that it was a good rather than fantastic summer. June was dry but very cool, but with many useable days. I dont remember it getting above the mid 20s at all. July was fantastic and in my mind equally as good as july 2018, the only reason the cet wasnt higher was the first few days really dragged it down. There was more thunder this month than 2018 and we even had a decent storm on the 29th when the flow did veer back to the Atlantic for a bit. As an individual month the joint best of the decade for summer. August was mixed with a hot day (the highest temperature of the summer was 34.1 actually on 1st august) and some warm periods too but yes one of the better August of the last 20 years
  6. It's not been a bad summer month. Not a classic by any means but there has been something for everyone. Like people are saying slightly above average temps overall, a decent heatwave albeit short lived and some will remember the month for thunder especially parts of the Midlands and nw. It is poor now though and the winds keep blowing our tomato plants over!
  7. Does any one know.. how far is lightning actually visible at night? I am in Basingstoke, a good 25m inland and 2am today saw distant lightning to the s/se, even heard the faintest of thunder. However lightning was nowhere near on the sferic maps..the closest was about 10m of the w Sussex coast at this point. Just wondering if anyone can clarify? Thanks
  8. Just had a look on TORRO website, yesterday set a new date record.. 32.4 was the previous one in 1976. 25th june record is 33.5.. will we exceed that today? Its 50/50 I'd say, temps here about 1c hotter than this time yesterday
  9. I'd say there isnt an awful lot in it. 2009 had a good june, a poor july and august was actually ok down here.. mixed but ok with several individual warm days interspersed with mediocre ones. July after the 2nd was actually really poor, I can't remember anything good about the month after that.. it just rained and was windy at times 2010 also had a good june, july was good also, and when it wasnt so good it was warm and humid. However august was pants and was a month with nothing good about it.. a warm weekend on the 7th and 8th but low 20s was about it. It's up there with august 08 and 14 that I wouldn't want as a repeat, ever! Hmmm can't call this, maybe 10 as june and july combined was better. A complete lack of thunder here too in both summers
  10. Yes, 2008 was definitely the 3rd worse summer since the turn of the century. It wasnt as much of a washout overall. June was cool but had some ok days. July had a summery last 10 days but was not good until then. However August was atrocious and had no redeeming features whatsoever, it was one of those like June '12 that I dont think anyone would want to see repeated.
  11. Both of these were as we all know, poor summers, especially by modern day standards but which was worse? The characteristics of the weather varied throughout each part of the summer and of course this varied regionally. The CET was practically identical for both years, both coming out at 15.2, and they both had a mean min of 11.2. 2007 mean max was 19.3 and 2012 19.2. The EWP was slightly wetter in 2012, 375mm v 343mm for 2007 (June 2012 being the wettest ever and August 2007 being relatively dry could be the separator here) The first 2/3 of June 2007 was actually warm (though not hot) and quite thundery in various parts but of course serious flooding occurred too. June 2012 had 1 hot day in the SE and of course those storms in the midlands/NE on 28th but was a cool washout other than that. July 2007 was awful, no heat (1 warm day with a thunderstorm here on the 15th) with serious flooding in many parts around 20/21st. However 2012 was different.. despite being an exceptionally wet month also, it had a much warmer sunnier period after the 20th, although I think Scotland missed out on this. August was the 'best' month of both summers. 2012 was actually decent enough in the south with some warm/hot days but not consistently. 2007 was better in the north and west I believe but the month overall was cool. Taking this into account I'd say 2012 was the better one here in the south, but wondered what other peoples opinions are? Of course this will also depend on your preferences for thunder/heat/sunshine etc?
  12. I'm new here this month.. this looks interesting, does this run as a yearly thing or can I join now.. 16.7 and 74mm is my guess if so
  13. The 2nd half of this month was almost the perfect 'half' summer month (the first half was actually quite cool). There seemed to be 3 thundery peaks to this event.. the 19th, 24th and 28th. The 24th I'm sure is when the SW had the humdinger of a storm that flooded Glastonbury. We had good storms on the 24th and 28th and most days from mid month were warm or hot, but the weekend of 25/26 was not so good from memory
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