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  1. Whats the betting that it hits 28.3 somewhere tomorrow? Would make it the 4th year to reach, but not exceed that figure..
  2. Still showing 26 for monday here. Maybe Mondays cold front moving down quicker for some areas. noticed an increase in temperature in general for wednesday too.
  3. Yes august 1912 looking at the stats looks atrocious (or paradise if you like cool, wet weather). It makes recent poor August's like 08,10 and 14 look awesome in comparison. June 1972 looks pretty pants as well. July 1988, for maxima, also appears to have been terrible (I don't think London exceeded 22 all month). Imagine a summer of June 1972, July 1988 and August 1912..
  4. Where we've had such a cold april and may I am wondering if the current spell would have less low cloud otherwise? Long fetch SW moving over a cold sea.. recipe for cloudfest esp south coast/sw in general
  5. I can see that happening! 29c at Heathrow or Northolt, somewhere like that. It would still be a date record though if it gets above 28.3.
  6. Yes indeed, and this Feb just gone produced 18c just before months end, did it get that high in 1912? Certainly hoping for a better summer than 1912 that's for sure. That can't be too hard though..
  7. Cloud took ages to break today, took until 2pm and temperature no higher than around 20 as a result. Good sunset through altocumulus tonight though
  8. I'm hoping that this current weather is a good payback for all the rubbish we had to endure through most of May..
  9. This has got to be broken sometime surely! Long range shows some decent weather for this day this year but more like low/mid 20s, not near 30c.. Still over a week away though..
  10. I've had a think in the years I've been around and honestly can't think of any years, looking through the figures. However I do remember 2005 as a year of having notable temperature swings in so many months. Feb v mild 1st half then v cold 2nd half March v cold 1st half then v mild second half June v cool 1st half then v warm 2nd half July v warm 1st half, v cool 2nd half November v mild 1st then v cold 2nd Can't remember so many switcharounds within a single year
  11. I'd take a 2010 summer if we have the December that followed it.. You mention Gavin Partridge, and he refers to the winter just gone as a 'teaser winter'. And yes, have to admit the summers that follow these tend to be average to poor.
  12. Yes I seem to remember now the thursday into Friday storms were forecast to move up the western side of the country only and being pleasantly surprised to see a distant light show to the south just around midnight. This ended up being pretty good and the better storm of the 2 nights here.
  13. Yes, showing 25c at Northolt, and also Lossiemouth (though this would be rounded)
  14. Yes at the time that was the hottest temperature in the UK since 1995, only to be bettered 3 weeks later..
  15. Early low Cloud did take longer to clear than I thought. Was gone by 11 and Now sunny and warm, although there's a thick wad of high cloud to the west and I can't work out which way its going!
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