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  1. Just had random 5 mins of gushing rain, gusty winds, cars alarms going off??? Feels like the Midwest out here
  2. Skies lit up like a Christmas tree- never seen anything like this!!
  3. Dunfermline area seems to be getting some decent activity by the looks of it, kinda wish I was over in that direction that was overall kind of underwhelming.. lots of rumbling, but nothing too loud and I didn’t see any lightning
  4. Seems to be following the same path as the one earlier
  5. That easterly breeze was properly strong, leuchars recording maximum of only 17 while places in the highlands hit 28!
  6. 26.8c here today, June record is 27.4 If it wasn’t for this easterly coastal breeze tomorrow, I could definitely see that figure being surpassed!
  7. That would be a pleasant surprise , the last decent nighttime storm I remember was after that heatwave in late July 2018.. would be even better if we get one on both nights ?
  8. As much as I like hot weather, I can understand some of the points these people are making... where I am generally during heatwaves max temps are 7-10c lower than in London, so theoretically 33c means 23-26c where I am, and that can be enough to keep me up sweating at night..
  9. Haven’t had a single rumble here in the NE so far... fingers crossed for Friday night ?
  10. Shouldn’t this be electrifying by now? A little disappointing looking currently
  11. I always thought the south coast was good for stuff coming across from France?
  12. Same here, the suns just come out for the first time in a week
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