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  1. I don't like this time of the year. It is a time of seasonal decline and the weather is so often very unsettled.
  2. I have a this photograph in the Observer's Handbook (1962 edition), which I had as a boy.
  3. Only thunder heard here since April was on 16th and 28th August, and that just 5 rumbles in total.
  4. A couple of discharges to my N'ly. No precipitation here at that time, but Downs obscured by very heavy precipitation.
  5. Brightening up here now after heavy rain. Just 3 distant rumbles of thunder with the rain.
  6. Still no thunder since April here, but frequent distant lightning in Northerly direction in late evening. Heavy rain this morning, very welcome for local gardens.
  7. A thunderless July here. 2 days of thunder this year so far - on the 16th and 17th April.
  8. Here at Pagham, we are suffering from lack of rain - brown patches on lawns, village pond in a desperate state drying up. Now we are approaching the traditional late July/early August peak time of year for thunder, any sign of any major thundery activity coming up? Haven't had thunder here since April.
  9. Missed out getting any thunder yet again in Pagham last night; none this month. However, it is always interesting following events and developments elsewhere, and seeing the skyscape of distant Cb's during the recent thundery spell which affected large parts of the country.
  10. Here in Pagham right by the coast, there was sea fog today, but in northly directions a lot of CB's in the distance. What a contrast!
  11. My first post now that the weather has broken. Hot here sunny here at Pagham yesterday, now much cooler, cloudy and a little rain earlier today. Not nearly enough for my lawn though, which is extensively brown.
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