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  1. May have already been discussed but on Beeb weather this morning Carol Kirkwood showed a large band of snow on Sunday. Covering much of this area. (The threads catchment area). Updated on http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/ they have updated it but still shows great potential. (Although too far out to polish the sled just yet) (I can't hear the commentary as was at work so just watching the graphics. (From an IMBY point of view there was even a little snow for Norfolk on Saturday ) I wonder if we'll had Westisbest on this thread now he's in North Norfolk?
  2. Merry Christmas everyone! I think Jab Feb 2015 are going to be great model watching with the way things are poised and some great recent Strat charts.- Definitely straining the Netweather servers soon! Thanks to all the posters.
  3. Norwich looks the place to be for storm lovers at the moment. (In England at least)
  4. Looks like the stom has reached Norwich now. Rain is really pelting it down, more flooded roads to contend with when I travel home in an hour. Looks like it could last a while!
  5. Still Thunder and Lightning here on the east coast. Lots out to sea but close enough for some lovely skies. Now intensifying again!
  6. With it being the wettest winter on record, in what circumstance could we have kept the precipitaion.......................................but have it as snow rather than rain? Maybe constant battlegrounds with dividing the line somewhere over the uk?
  7. There's still time according to this weather forecaster. 6 "more" weeks of winter. (Not sure more is very apt here though.) http://www.groundhog.org/
  8. It has been a misreable winter so far but, still plenty of time for us to get snow. (It's been kinder on the heating bills and I am taking that as a consolation) It's rare that there is no change of pattern during the winter, so I am hopeful that a few drivers put us into favourable position at somepoint before mid March. This weeks chance seems to have missed us but at least it was an improvement, plus it looks like theres a warming event to come. Throw in just a little lady luck and we'll finish off winter with a Snowy flourish.
  9. Hi, please could you explain why you feel 12z would be more realistic?
  10. I am awaiting the arrival of my parents after their evacuation from Caister near Gt Yarmouth. I am only 3miles down the road but not on a flood plain thank heavens. I really hope this is the authorities being too careful.
  11. I would like it to be average to mild overall, purely to help people with their heating bills. A few record breaking spells of snow and cold in between. Something for everyone - A suny winter with cold snaps - A bit of fog, a few sharp frosts with sunny days, a white christmas, a new years storm and an early warm spring. What did I miss?
  12. Thanks for the information Tamara and Lorenzo.(And all the others) I struggle to fully grasp what drives what in these situations. I remember previous winters learning about El Nino / La Nina. Then trying to grasp AO / NAO. Looks like there another topic I need to look at! Weather is definitely a subject that you'll never run out of things to learn.
  13. Hi Tamara, why is a SSW less likely this year? (If it's a simple answer, no worries if I have to read the entire SSW thread to gain an understanding!) Oops, sorry you've already replied. (Feel free to delete)
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