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  1. Yeh i guess its gone be really tricky over the next 5 days!!i hope most of the thundery action happens overnight!!looking really hot around this part of the midlands till thursday!!temps hitting high twenties to low thirties together with storms🌡
  2. Is that because everything is further east or is it hard to tell?
  3. Thats just crazy and considering its the gfs you can add another 3 or 4 degrees on top!!could be looking at mid to high thirties for the next week🌡
  4. These warm temps for tomorrow night seem to be gettin warmer and creeping further north and west into the midlands!!also yesterdays run for the same time was showing 23 degrees for a lot of england but is now showing 27 to 28 degrees widely across england up to leeds!!upgrades keep flooding in!!
  5. Has ecm broken down or something?anyway ukv brings cloud cover into england slightly later tomorrow compared to earlier runs!!seems to stream.in from the south from 3pm onwards!!gona be a real hot one tomorrow!!
  6. What is with the cooler air around the wash area!!you got 25 26 degrees across england widely and then there is that weird spot around the wash of 23 degrees only!!is that on the boundary of the 15 degree 850hpa temp?if it is then there must be a band of cloud along that boundary
  7. Unbelievable charts from all 3 of the main models!!heatwave conditions across england for nearly a week!!🌡
  8. Whats the temps looking like for the midlands friday to tuesday on ecm?
  9. Pretty underwhelming arpege 12z for friday for us in the midlands!!27 or 28 degrees widely which is still very warm but i expected hotter!!i will take the ukv shows 30 31 degrees and heat further north and west!!!
  10. Gfs continues to upgrade the heat on the 12z and now joins ukmo!!ukmo looks stunning🌡
  11. Page dont seem to be loading!!dont know if its my crappy 4g
  12. Any early.updates on gfs 12z?pushed the heat further west like 06z?
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