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  1. Maybe it looks to severe/disturbing to view for parts of england tomorrow!👀🤣
  2. Especially with how far north and west any thundery rain makes it!!!radar watch is gona be interesting!!seems to be a stubborn blob of rain across the home counties and central southern england that aint really going anywhere at the moment!!!
  3. Latest icon 18z smashes south east,lincoln and mids with ridiculous amounts of rain tomorrow!!im actually quite worried in regards to what the ukv might show!!
  4. Just taken a look at latest ecm and agrees with ukv down to the tee!!!we could be looking at serious flash flooding issues tomorrow for the midlands,east anglia and lincoln area!!
  5. Was gona send you the link but i see my buddys below have sent you the link already!!!it really is looking terrible tomorrow if your located in the midlands!!but we know how poor ukv has performed!!so dont believe it yet!!!!
  6. Tomorrrow afternoon/evening looks deadly in terms of how heavy and torrential the rain looks for the midlands on ukv 12z!!!
  7. Yup said the exact same thing yesterday morning!!considering ukv is a higher reso model it was extremely poor!!gfs called this 2 days before whilst the higher resos were flip flopping!!gota question it mate??!🤷‍♂️
  8. Yup noticed this 30 mins ago on sat24!!lovely little cumulonimbus cloud popped out of no where like a popcorn!!!!and as you say pretty far west!!
  9. Latest ukv seems to break out another batch of thunder showers further west early thursday morning!!!models are all over the shop🤣🤣!!!current temp here is 25 degrees and quite humid!!☀️🔥🌡
  10. Is that from 00z run mate?!!!looks like last nights ukv!!!please be true lol!!as long as it clears by 6 am i will be happy!got a run in the morning🏃‍♂️!!
  11. If we dont get the storms then i dont want the rain lol!!rather miss out altogether and stay dry!!
  12. Very poor mate and im not just saying that because i aint gona get any storms lol!!considering its meant be run at higher resolution in the short time frame than gfs the gfs has handled this so far way better and has been consistant with the eastward push for the last 2 days!!!a lot has been said of how good the ukv is but im not sure!!the event aint started yet so you never know it could be further west still!!
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