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  1. Should be quite a bit of rain further north and west there shouldn't be as bad. Demand here further south and east is higher, more concerning maybe.
  2. i'm not sure if i'm liking this. Sunny warm weather is nice too but i am getting slightly concerned about reservoirs, particularly further south, Severn Trent isn't really recovering after the rain much, in the south still dry, effects from April/May carrying on. Not sure what August/Autumn could be like as well.
  3. And plus we have had too much warm wx this year like it just has to be colder later this year otherwise we may have warmest Uk year on record. QBO definintly needs to do its job too. Hopefully we get an early SSW and in its right scenario for cold wx. Also the strong sea ice loss may help too, and hoping that snow cover gets quick to recover. Tripole in the SSTA is another good sign.
  4. I think things will ramp up soon, the CCKW which is what MjVentrice has talked about, Eric Webb with a possible strong tropical wave coming out from Africa in 10-14 days time, warmer than normal SSTA'S in the atlantic around 5-15N above equator, these are all pointing to some strong devlopements soon, however probs wont be anything as good of a potential as in september of course. needs a close eye from a weeks time imo
  5. To be honest, Ecm 00z looks a tad thundery after T + 192hrs with quite a warm low pressure system coming slowly, staying around al lway to 240hrs wouildn't mind it coming off actually, but uncertain at this stage
  6. TWO has gone for a nicER August not sure will play out but a thundery or warm August would be interesting to see
  7. Can notice a few unlucky people just by looking at that, though those who didn't get a direct thunderstorm, pretty much everyone would have at least seen distant light shows. An absolute bombardment for me. You managed to scrape some Kent clippers too, nice!
  8. Focusing more for this afternoon here, could have more activity, doubt anything will turn thundery, likely to be similar to yesterday, where i had a few heavy showers, Majority forming quite late in the day. Maybe more today. ?
  9. Bit late but will enter the competition. my entry: CET: 17.0 EWP:71.5mm Reasoning/Details: With precipitation, it again looks like to fall mostly in the first half, slightly drier second half, thundery in between maybe. However this month i imagine if could be slightly wetter but still, with a lot of dry weather featured, noteworthingly in the South. The EWP likely exaggerated/higher than expected as the north and west gets a near continuous battering of rain from the atlantic giving some quite high totals, hence impacting the EWP(large area it covers) for the first week. The possible thundery element could help increase that EWP too later. The CET looks a bit easier, first half of june looks quite average/ slightly cooler with altnernating cooler/warmer spells. however second half, like June could feature some particularly warmer air drifiting to the Uk bumping up the CET but unsure how much just yet,
  10. 17.7 scraped a 20 today, weekend looking warmer before cooler again, then warmer into mid next week possibly.
  11. Yeah was only 10/11 yrs so not the best memories, and also the smaller interest in wx at the time too.
  12. Yeah was thinking the same, heard about this few weeks back but some still talking about, guess it was a very long cloud to cloud strike through a large MCS pretty bewildering
  13. Had some streaks here in Coventry not much though before clouds moved in. some pics of it on my pinned tweet on twitter- metwatchuk
  14. have few memories working in the garden during the july was quite nice at times
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