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    Wide spectrum of interests ranging from severe weather, particularly thunderstorms, to comet-watching to maths to cosmology to birdwatching...
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    T-storms. The more violent, the better.

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I enjoy experiencing and taking videos of thunderstorms and also unusual weather phenomena. I enjoy thunderstorms way more than any other type of weather, especially when they are particularly vicious. Particularly memorable was a veritable hurricane which hit Falmouth, USA in 2009, storm Ciara in 2020, and a whole round of severe weather in 2016 which produced everything ranging from multiple pileus layers to massive storms to roll clouds to funnel clouds.

I also got my birthday 'celebrated' by 3 storms which all hit Cambridge within an hour of each other on the 12th April 2020. 

Though I did almost get struck by lightning twice, when a bolt hit near the house into another house with the antenna connected to power cables which ran between all houses, including to mine, and I was holding a phone plugged straight into a power socket...

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