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    Wide spectrum of interests ranging from severe weather, particularly thunderstorms, to comet-watching to maths to cosmology to birdwatching...
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    T-storms. The more violent, the better.

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  1. All the images I will take of thunderstorms and other severe weather around Cambridge and the rest of the UK.
  2. Thanks! Nice to hear that. And yes, there was an exceptionally violent bombardment of hail a few minutes after I took this particular image...
  3. That's a thousand times better than the one I saw in 2016... Congratulations!!
  4. Of course there will be more thunderstorms! I seriously won't be surprised if there will be a very severe storm with this heat. Today I hoped for a supercell- and was...dissapointed when the tornado warning did not manifest. But there have been 4 thunderstorms over Cambridge this year already, three of them on the 12th April and a very violent one on the 30th April. In addition to an awesome-looking cell near Bristol on the 1st March.
  5. Hi, I live in Cambridge, and on the 30th April this year a really violent thunderstorm, with lightning, strong wind, hail and really loud thunder, sped over the city. I took numerous pictures of the event- does anyone have any idea what type of storm this is, and is the cloud formation depicted on the first image a shelf cloud? In addition, is it just me, or do the clouds have a very slight greenish tinge to them? Thanks!
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