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  1. that happened yesterday, and it turned out well for Cheshire and Shropshire
  2. Lol 90% of this forum is southerners moaning that they haven't had any storms this year, its hot and sunny, be grateful... 5% is people asking if their area is going to get anything, like we know lol... And the other 5% is actual storm discussion and reports lol... Oh well... After last night's epic storm it's hot and sunny up here, humid too.
  3. looks like round 2 for stoke, crewe and congleton..this is incredible...
  4. it looks its starting to develop a tail, some strikes picking up again to the rear of the storm, incredible.
  5. mate if its anything like what we just had in Cheshire you are in for a treat, lets hope it keeps its intensity. It is up there as one of the best storms i have ever seen in the UK
  6. well...after moaning that we had no action all summer....WHAT A STORM! 2 hours of constant lightning, CGs, anvil crawlers and brilliant IC'S of purple and orange and continuous thunder...still raging on as it heads NE..but that was fantastic.
  7. there does seems to be a line of cells forming between north wales and north west london, if it forms a squall line then it could get very interesting next few hours....
  8. i live in congleton and it seems like every storm heading towards us randomly turns away and heads off somewhere else. every. single. time.
  9. considering the explosive atmosphere there is very little lightning around at the moment....
  10. Lightningmaps showing few strikes around Stoke and Shropshire, false strikes?
  11. 9 severe warnings this summer for my area. 9 times we haven't even had a drop of rain. This is why I don't get hyped with forecast charts, models, trends etc... Because 110% of the time they get moved away from area, downgraded and eventually removed altogether, even the ones that are still active never come to fruition. That's why I don't take much notice of when people put models on here as ludicrous as 4 days ahead of the so called 'events'.
  12. Could it be Congleton actually gets a hit from that big storm approaching, 8 times this summer we have been in the severe warning area and 8 times we have had absolutely nothing. Looks good for now though...
  13. I'm in macc, it's moving north, just a shower. Hopefully big stuff later
  14. What about the heavy rain showers approaching Devon and Cornwall movin North East ish... Are they something to keep an eye on...
  15. There may be warnings out already but people get hyped and when the warnings get downgraded or cancelled people then moan on here, that's why I say everyone needs to relax and then see what happens. It's the same thing every time potentially thundery weather is forecast. You get the questions lol. Truth is its too early to speculate and run models especially as I said it will change often before then. Nobody knows at this stage when and where it will thunder so no point guessing.
  16. Heres a thing. Let's just wait and see what happens on the day, no point running models and charts 3 or 4 days before the event as they will change numerous times before then. Let's just wait and see instead of asking what areas are getting this and what areas getting that? Nobody knows yet, let's all calm down lol
  17. I live in Cheshire and somehow still we haven't had a storm all summer, always 10 miles away in some direction, never a direct hit... Annoying
  18. The Wolverhampton cell looks to be going more northerly all of a sudden?
  19. Are we really gonna miss this big storm just to the west again????? That will be the 7th time a storm will be within 10 miles but not close enough to rain or see lightning in 3 days!
  20. Of course it isn't. What a surprise, it's gunna miss us to the west.
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