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  1. Stormy stuff heading into South Worcestershire at the mo...looks a biggy. 😁
  2. Storm here in Bromsgrove, Worcs at the mo...great cracks of thunder!!
  3. all this developed over our place in Bromsgrove..we missed it but was an impressive build up.
  4. Some powerful stuff edging from Bromsgrove now in towards Brum...we missed it but I will upload video of partial tornado as far I could tell when the cell was developing.
  5. These storms are circling around us here in Bromsgrove but we may get lucky shortly. Was going to chase these but appear to be moving quickly.
  6. that'll be the storm that bubbled up here in Bromsgrove earlier...passed by us quickly.
  7. Flippin lightning maps gone awol again...getting unreliable that is...we had a strike on our doorstep and it didn't even pick up.
  8. All rumbling around the outside of Brum again...Bridgnorth way and Stratford hit again.....at time of typing a cell just popped up on my doorstep in Bromsgrove now too...that developed quickly!!
  9. I've Never been this scared on the roads in a long time!! Water just flowed off the fields and levels rose very fast...i'm hoping the guys that were heading in as I was coming out, took my advice to just turn around especially the old lady in the estate car.
  10. Was on A46 earlier between Stratford and warwick where there was serious flooding...tried to upload pics but no signal...this was an unbelievable storm & worse rain than Shrewsbury the other night because it didn't seem to be moving anywhere .Started my hairy journey thru Redditch and Henley in arden.A34 was just a river..so i Cut thru snitterfield and was flooded out...i managed to get thru eventually.....turned off for Stratford upon Avon and met this....scared me to death going thru it & was impossible to turn round.... full vids going on youtoob shortly.
  11. Bromsgrove missed out on the earlier storms but this ones dumping a fair bit of rain....lightning has missed us as usual but Bewdley Stourport way getting a few bolts. Our town was the only area that missed the biggy...looking back at the sat pix.
  12. Some action to the south of me near Worcester at the mo...how big will it turn into?
  13. Driven from Bromsgrove thru Kidderminster & currently parked up in Shrewsbury & certainly not disappointed incredible lightning.. A458 was just a river from Much Wenlock& nearly got stranded...now gonna head down m54... wife got tons of footage 😁 Seems to be easing off now
  14. parked up in Kidderminster... thunder lightning... not a great moment for my electric driverside window to fail on me..... currently getting drenched!! 😠
  15. False alarm...winds picked right up now and raining big splots!!
  16. Diddly squat here in Bromsgrove apart from storms rattling around our outskirts...i'm off for a road trip inabit.
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