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  1. Summer sun chart show zero degree isotherm in the English channel your chart same isotherm south of Spain... not fair comparison really.
  2. I'm struggling to see people's optimism on here tonight with a massive spread in solutions from next weekend onwards. From deep freeze to balmy... but probably somewhere in the middle. Rather like it is right now.
  3. There is still a large spread on that chart after the 1/2/18
  4. At the moment it appears 850's trending down again after middle of next week but the spread is quite wide.
  5. To expect the unexpected shows a thoroughly modern intellect.
    Oscar Wilde

  6. It's a balmy 1 deg C in Moscow at the moment and no sign of getting colder for the next five days.
  7. Am I reading these charts wrong or is the snow line above 1000 Feet?
  8. How does this prediction compare to the previous 3 months predicted with the same tool. Close, better or worse? How accurate do you believe it to be?
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