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  1. I'm struggling to see people's optimism on here tonight with a massive spread in solutions from next weekend onwards. From deep freeze to balmy... but probably somewhere in the middle. Rather like it is right now.
  2. There is still a large spread on that chart after the 1/2/18
  3. At the moment it appears 850's trending down again after middle of next week but the spread is quite wide.
  4. To expect the unexpected shows a thoroughly modern intellect.
    Oscar Wilde

  5. What region is this chart for?
  6. It's a balmy 1 deg C in Moscow at the moment and no sign of getting colder for the next five days.
  7. Am I reading these charts wrong or is the snow line above 1000 Feet?
  8. How does this prediction compare to the previous 3 months predicted with the same tool. Close, better or worse? How accurate do you believe it to be?