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  1. Come and live in our area (SW) nothing depressing about it .. 5min drive to Peak District .. this was my evening walk last night .. 7 min drive from home .. and if you like real ale then it’s Uk capital IMG_3893.MOV
  2. 5in of snow in higher areas of Urban Sheffield which was a surprise as literally 3 min drive away we had an 1in of patchy snow .. wondered why snow plight drove up our road earlier today
  3. 1.5 ins of snow slowly melting here in steady light rain ...
  4. No reason why there can’t be multiple streamers I suppose
  5. That wouldnt be a breakdown , just a warm up slightly, a lot ofsnow then it would slide off SE and pull the colder air back from E/NE #oldschoolwinter
  6. slightly different data sources for each run I believe
  7. The data inputted is fine and of a much greater quantity than GFS its a testing issue needing to run over 30 days and the orginial test stopped so they need to hit 30 days. Nothing to do with quality of the data output. When spending multi millions of dollars it needs to be spot on
  8. The sun stronger argument surely died a death in March 2018 ?
  9. Tbf it’s a forum not a formal met office forecast ! A little licence and excitement is allowed especially with such interesting model watching
  10. Use the block user facility... like I’m about to do
  11. The issue is you can’t call 25% of a multi million pound per yr business like GFS without a little evidence
  12. Yes, I meant to say By the Sheaf. There is a planned ed gully route for all drains by Sheffield Council. I know because I planned it! Just beacuse you dont see them doesnt mean it doesnt happen
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