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  1. I was only commenting on the geographical layout .. a world of weather and if weather is from the East then Britain is
  2. Love these charts .. you could become fully knowledgable on the Amazon basin but can’t even see Essex
  3. Well there’s not a lot that we can do either way ... fanisating watching however
  4. It matters not who will what .... it’ll happen regardless one way or another ... as yet the forum doesn’t control the weather
  5. I thought it was different data not necessarily less data?
  6. It’s all clear now.. snowplough and a few gritters . You’ll be fine
  7. Those pics were me and my daughter out for an early morning explore . Depends where your drop is ?
  8. It’s a warning ... an “ it might happen”
  9. It’s not hype ..... it’s a forecast... not a crystal ball
  10. Is there a knock on into the summer months ie a predominance of easterlies would promote warm/hot conditions after June?
  11. It wasn't hype... it was what the models were constantly showing... And... you are joking? Temps of -5c in the daytime ,in March with heavy driving snow.
  12. Without being ungrateful ... these Atlantic snapshots have helped me in discovering what's happening weather wise in Kansas...
  13. Invariably Easterlies always start like this ... and always the forum states .,'this is a dry ,cold easterly... then instability draws in a front from the east or a small cold pool creating heavy showers
  14. almost trollesque.... "well dones" can be handed out after the event surely ? not based on one set of runs... this holds true whatever the outcome