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  1. Few images from Friday easily hours in Newhaven between Brighton & Eastbourne. ? Worth the travels just to get a storm fix.
  2. Cheers dude and you too. Keeping every finger and tie crossed haha.
  3. Yeah I think radar watch is the next best thing to be honest and just take it as it comes. Thinking A14 too have those options to head in a few different routes. im just north of Cheltenham now on the M5 so not far off
  4. Cheers buddy where are you too? mill be heading back overnight as we are looking good for storms potentially in the SW tomorrow though it’s still touch and go whether they will fire up as nothing really does in the SW hence why I come up now haha.
  5. I’m out today heading up from Plymouth, Devon again. Looking maybe hit in between Leicester and Coventry and track NW but then I’m wondering to stay West of midlands just incase and intercept if anything fires up into wales and north wales though having the chance to push east if storms fire up East of Midlands. Heads frazzled as to target what you thinking?
  6. Morning All, Hard one to determine wheres at most risk. I mean if i'm looking at it correctly id say Peterborough then NW from there right? Had another day off today so was looking at jumping in the car for another roadtrip but not sure where to head. Though if i did go id have to leave in the next couple hours but any advice welcome haha.
  7. Question is was it or was it not?? Not far I’d say southwest of Stafford, midlands area. Live video of it on go to 14 minutes in and watch - NOTE PLEASE BE WARNED BAD LANGUAGE CAN BE HEARED FROM MYSELF IN THIS PART OF THE VIDEO here https://www.facebook.com/sam.whitfield.180410/videos/149546086689968/?d=n
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