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  1. Fedex was determined to keep delivering? ILS in overdrive, thank for the link/post
  2. A brave manager with some balls would of dropped 'Ronaldo' for this game and played with a tight, rigid formation, alas OGS is a corporate manager and a 'yes' man, shoe horning the 'best' players into a team that lacks direction and cohesion! COYI
  3. He's got to fall on his sword after that shambolic performance, total embarrassment
  4. Man u are an utter shambles, am afraid Ole's time is done, how u can't get a cohesive performance from that squad is beyond belief! Distinct lack of leadership! Anyway West Ham won again COYI
  5. Great win for the mighty Hammers, spuds put back in their place
  6. We have had plenty of 24hr events tho, it is localised drifting blocking small country lanes that causes the biggest problem and which ever way you head there is always a hill to go up or down making it tricky/interesting trying to get work,
  7. 48hrs here on the wolds, i was 13, so i think it would be 89' if memory serves? You could get through to our nearest village/ town in a big tractor tho, i remember getting sent home from Filey school at lunch time to ensure we got home,
  8. Uptairs neighbours that
  9. 6.5c when i set off for work this morning on what was a wet drive, a lot of standing water on the roads, car heaters on full!
  10. He has brought some stability and harmony to the club, but his time is done, if you are going to go to the next and ultimate level, you won't challenge at the very top with Ole driving the bus!
  11. It would be sods law that u beat Liverpool and keep Ole in a job, whilst it only papers over the cracks,
  12. Utd are getting an weeble-ing, need a serious 2nd half performance!
  13. Same shower just passed over Carnaby, quite impressive downpour,
  14. Mild, with a good breeze this evening, drying things up a bit, until tomorrow!
  15. The Express do have form, they do like a good dramatic weather headline, 'Snowmageddon next week' etc I wouldn't wrap fish n chips in the Express but tbf that applies to most of the written press nowadays!
  16. Damp, drizzly crud this evening, after a wet afternoon, quite mild this evening as forecast,
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