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  1. Some people just need to be nice and also tolerant of other people's opinions. The world would be a better place if some people focused on what they have in common with each other.
  2. I apologise for accusing you of saying that I myself was telling people to "suck it up", I really don't like upsetting people, and I thought that I'd upset you. Regarding people who enjoy people's disappointment and telling them to "suck it up", there are people who just like to wind others up, so it's best to just ignore it, and if they don't get a reaction they'll enjoy, they'll probably stop. I suppose everyone on Netweather realises that the UK's climate is not like Spain. I think I used the Spain analogy to make a point, but my point has come across wrong, so I won't use that analogy again because I now think is as untrue. I would be good for a lot of people if the UK's climate was like Spain, so they wouldn't need to spend hundreds of pounds on holidays. I would agree this weather has been very poor for those who like warmth, sunshine, and dry weather. I hope the weather improves for warmth, sunshine, and dry weather lovers later in the Summer. I suppose this weather we've been having is a bit like December 2015, which is my least favourite weather month of all time. My favourite spell of weather of all time is late November and December 2010.
  3. In those comments, I was judging Summers on hot spells and what the CET is, but I suppose we all recall and feel the weather differently. I suppose cloudy weather, even whilst it's warm isn't that great for a lot of people in Summer, and sunshine levels are more important for some people in judging what they think makes a Summer great for them. I don't think there are many, or maybe any Summers in recorded history that have been warm, dry, and sunny throughout, maybe 1976 comes close.
  4. I also don't think most people complain about the weather because it isn't warm and sunny for weeks on end. I'm just having one of my more vocal days on these forums. I said to my Dad on Tuesday that this weather wouldn't look out of place in October, and warm weather lovers should seek warm, sunny and dry weather in Summer, if that's what makes them happy. I also fully agree that this dull and wet weather that we've been having is very poor for lovers of warm, sunny, and dry weather.
  5. When have I told warm weather lovers to “suck it up”? I’m not the type of person to revel in other peoples disappointment either. If people enjoy hot weather, I don’t have any problem with that, and I have a problem with people who revel in people’s disappointment. I also don’t like being accused of being like that with people because I meant my comments with goodwill. All I have said is that some people need to accept the UK isn’t supposed to be a warm and sunny country. I’ll expand on that comment by saying that compared to places like Spain, the UK isn’t warm and sunny. I also said that warm weather lovers shouldn’t complain as much, compared to coldies who get frustrated in winter. I’ll expand on that comment by saying that over the last seven Summers from 2013-19, there has been at least a couple of hot, dry and sunny spells for warm weather lovers to enjoy, but with some cooler and wetter spells mixed in that they wouldn’t have enjoyed so much. Unfortunately for them, a poor Summer for warmth, sunshine, and dry weather will eventually happen because of the law of averages. Maybe I moaned a bit about my fortunes regarding wintry weather, but I can, like others on these forums, moan about the weather. I’m sorry if I’ve offended some people with my comments, I mean all of my Netweather comments in good nature, and never in my life do I ever intend to be nasty to anyone. I would agree that this Summer has been poor for warmth, sunshine, and dry weather, but nobody can control the weather. Hopefully warm weather lovers will get more of the weather they like later in Summer, and if it makes them happy, I’m happy.
  6. I think some, but not all people on these forums need a reality check. The UK isn’t supposed to be a warm and sunny country. In my opinion, whilst it’s reasonable for people to want some dry, sunny and warm weather during Summer, it’s unreasonable to just expect warm, sunny and dry weather to last for the majority of Summer. Warm/hot weather lovers have been spoiled for the last 7 years, so I feel they shouldn’t be complaining as much as coldies who spend umpteen mild winters looking at cold and snowy day 10 model charts that never really materialise. If it wasn’t for the significant snow event in December 2017, I’d have gone over 7 years without a single notable snow event. Winter 2017-18 was a milder than average winter in the CET area, but had cold snaps to keep coldies happy. March 2018 doesn’t count because that was in meteorological spring, and it wasn’t until early in that March that I got heavy snow from storm Emma. However, with climate change, the Winter frustrations of coldies are only going to gradually worsen.
  7. For me, Summer 2013 was interesting at the time because it is the first hot Summer I can remember well. So I would say this Summer was a good one for people who like warm/hot, dry and sunny weather. However, I don’t like hot weather with strong sunshine and that has been the case since 2013, when the U.K. started getting more hot weather compared to 2007-12. I also don’t ever want flooding, I just like the cold. Summer 2013 make me sadder with hindsight because it marked the end of the colder and in my opinion, more interesting weather that the U.K. had between 2007 and June 2013. Winter 2009-10 got me interested in the weather, but I don’t think the almost constant warmer than average weather we’ve had since July 2013 isn’t nearly as interesting to me and climate change worries me a lot anyway. I’d happily never see a hot Summer ever again, but I’ve never known anyone outside of these forums who craves cold and wet weather and if warm sunny weather makes people happy, then I’m happy to let them enjoy it. Outside these forums, I suspect that most people over the age of 16 don’t like snow that much, but they might think snow is pretty to look at. I do like crisp, cold Winter sunshine combined with ice days and deep snow cover. Sorry for the tangent. I enjoy talking about the weather, and I think Summer 2013 was good for warmth and sunshine lovers, but bad for lovers of all year round cold weather.
  8. Sorry for the completely off topic post mods, but does anyone know if the supposedly upcoming easterly QBO is going to fail like it did in 2016? I couldn’t find the more relevant discussion thread for the QBO, so I decided to post this here so more people are likely to see it.
  9. How does the south part of the Birmingham area look for storms on Friday? I am specific with my location because on Saturday 13th, overhead storms hit the city centre, but we just got rumbles.
  10. I don't really remember summers 2000-2006 because fortunately I'm too young. ? I do believe some of the 2007-12 summers get unfairly judged as poor summers for warmth and sunshine. Summers 2007, 2008, and 2012 deserve to be called bad Summers because of how wet and cool they were for the most part. 2007 had biblical flooding in mid-July to the point where I'm surprised that I didn't see an Noah's ark in my primary school playground. The cool temperatures in 2007 were not the biggest problem compared to the devastating and destructive flooding that year. 2008 was just bad because I don't remember any sunny weather in August and my memory was right that August was very dull that year. June and July 2008 were mediocre if you're after warmth. 2012 wasn't quite as bad as 2007, but June and July 2012 were generally cool, with the wettest June on the England and Wales Precipitation Record occurring in that year. There were a higher number of thunderstorms than usual in 2012, combined with warm and sunny weather during the London Olympics, which somewhat made up for the cool and at times exceptionally wet weather that occurred in June and in the first half of July 2012. I believe Summers 2009, 2010, and 2011 get unfairly judged as bad Summers. 2009 had warmth around the end of June and the start of July, with me having my paddling pool out in that time. However, my selective memory judges August 2009 to be mediocre because despite it being the warmest CET summer month of 2009, I just don't remember much heat. 2010 was decent to quite good in June and July, and I remember decent warm and dry weather around the time of the football world cup. I remember it feeling quite hot when I went on a school trip in what might have been late June 2010. Summer 2011 gets badly judged because of it's cool temperatures, but I remember lots of dry, usable weather, and at least people's homes didn't get flooded out in the South of England, but I'm not sure about the North because I think the North of England had a wetter Summer in 2011. The CET for 2011 was the coldest since 1988, so it was notably cool. However, I don't feel colder temperatures as badly as some people on netweather, so 2011 was usable for me, but not memorable for hot temperatures. 2011 will be controversial, but people have different opinions, and I respect that. One Summer that is also unfairly judged negatively is 2015, which had dry usable weather in June, record breaking hot temperatures on July 1st, and the thunderstorms just after that, although the weather was poor for warmth and dry weather from mid-July to around late August 2015. One reason why some "poor" summers from 2007-2012 and 2015 get unfairly judged is because they aren't quite as good as the general conditions of Summers from 1989-2006 and from 2013-present. Another reason why these select Summers are unfairly negatively judged is because Summers are warmer on average compared to 35 years ago and maybe that has lead to some people on netweather having higher standards for Summers because they lived through the cool, wetter Summers of the 1980's. However, there is nothing wrong with wanting warmth and decent sunshine levels in Summer. ? ?
  11. Hi, Midlands Ice Age. In my area the storm was parked over us for around 2 hours and I think the rain only became less heavy for a short time before it became torrential for a second time. My house wasn’t flooded because I’m fortunate to live on a hill, but despite that, my area really bore the brunt of that storm and in my 20 years of life, I’ve never known a storm as severe as that. I think the 28th June 2012 was quite severe and that storm had a great, eye-catching anvil cloud in the aftermath. The 2012 storm flooded parts of my secondary school playground, but I know places like Newcastle-Upon-Tyne bore the brunt of those June 2012 storms. ??
  12. I was just wondering why the Summer moans, ramps and chat hadn't been set up because it normally gets set up around mid-April. However, thank you for the reply.?
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