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  1. VID_20200526_160930~7.mp4 VID_20200526_160930~8.mp4 VID_20200526_160930~9.mp4 VID_20200526_160930~10.mp4
  2. VID_20200526_160930~2.mp4 VID_20200526_160930~3.mp4 VID_20200526_160930~4.mp4
  3. best thunder of the year just heard, really loud and it was miles away
  4. looks like one storm north soon , one storm south and one storm over me that would be a great picture will probably happen in 20 minutes
  5. i'm saying today is the start of the season because it has gone above our expctation it would be great if that could carry on
  6. windy. com saying thunder at 3 also showers coming hopefully getting some lightning on camera
  7. VID_20200523_124758~2.mp4 VID_20200523_131627.mp4 VID_20200523_130105~4.mp4
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