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  1. The fact that the Showers brought more Snowflakes than the Main Band so far is ridiculous.
  2. Lightning within my normal vewidield at night, missed that, anyway band falling and pivoting later in the day than expect will be Weaker but more of it could be snow.
  3. 226 pages now of letdown's what a ridiculous month with about 10 flakes of snow unless a Beast From The East is nailed on i'm not the same enthusiastic person.
  4. London getting some heavy snow waiting for the pivot to produce the Snow here that the Met Office expected so far it has actually gone to their expectation Yesterday and Kent looks like on that it could get some Hours of snow.
  5. 2nd backnuilding bringing sleet, pivot and 3rd back building might finally bring Snow
  6. I should be on this Forum for more than Another Year Or Two and I'm on here day and night.
  7. That's me in that white where it really should be snowing. Right Towards at the bottom of the screen
  8. @Paul Shermanno lying here so far what do you think about later on? When do you think People near me could expect a lying if at all?
  9. We all want proper snowfall 2pm here is the best time it seems with the Met Office Graphics the back building begins along With the pivot.
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