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  1. guess what i've been watching



  2. Some warmth approaching next week Before on Saturday looking better than any of the spanish plume chances through the summer, no coldnin sight.
  3. Wasn't following it last nitght but if i had too choose a team in europe and not Southampton then i would go for Lazio becuase i like thier style of play. my champions league predictiob were way off.
  4. snow in the south east did the chart go wrong or something. this winter is not going to be like that trust me. If only it was.
  5. Weather charts looking good for snow peraonally i love winter but it always seems a long drag without snow i think 2020/21 will be remembered for bad things but i also think it will be remembered for snow. The winter break at school feels too long the fact that arriving back in the dark from the bus doesn't help so tthanks for helping me fet excited about winter i can't believe it's october and already i'm thinking snow is coming soon. I love learning at home i listen to ted talks at home but at school i can barely learn a thing so the fact that this winter looks good is getting me through, th
  6. Please subscribe to my friends channel. 


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    4. hamilton and weather fan 1

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      So you happy

      Who's the smaller ramper you or the pit because i don't think either of you ramp up this winter chance for snow. 

  7. hang on are we in autumn or summer, it's sunny outside.

  8. Dun dun dun


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      Thanks status replies to zak m's status help😄

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