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  1. Been monitoring that system just south of us for a while, was expected as a direct hit just yesterday. India and Pakistan bracing here for a massive storm possibly a Cyclone.
  2. Eagle Eye


    It was my first properly good picture of this Season.
  3. Keep an eye out for the 21st onwards It looks a mess at the moment but with relatively high CAPE expected around that time but it's too far away too even get relatively close but if the plume does happen then who knows?
  4. Been keeping an eye on that system that just brushes the south coming up from Spain as a possible plume. Quite annoyingly though we seem to have a magic low maker in Spring in recent Years, stopping plumes. Keep an eye on this though look at the rapid development over the Atlantic, could be a Spring system, although it is a weak low. Although it will of course weaken, especially as it nears land with the wind you can see the rain there and how big the system is. You can see there that coastal areas could get quite the batteri
  5. My report of Southampton's last three matches of which saved us and relegated Fulham: Southampton 1 Leicester City 1 After Vestergaard got sent off in the tenth minute, Southampton defended well and kept Leicester City to just long shots and corners. Early into the second half on a counter-attack Southampton won a penalty and promptly scored however not long after Leicester City scored after a Johnny Evans header. My man of the match - Kyle Walker-Peters Top 3 Southampton player ratings by me - Kyle Walker-Peters - 8.5 James Ward-Prowse - 8.0 Jan Bednare
  6. Super Strikers Leading Striker Lukaku 2nd Super Striker Mbappe Goalscorer 1 Depay Goalscorer 2 Gnabry Goalscorer 3 Immobile Goalscorer 4 LEWANDOWSKI I'll do the subs later
  7. Group D 1) Croatia(B) 2)England(A) 3)Scotland(D) 4)Czech Republic(C) Group E 1)Spain (A) 2)Sweden (C) 3)Poland(B) 4)Slovakia(D) Group F 1)France(A) 2)Germany(B) 3)Portugual(C) 4)Hungary(D) Reasons Why Croatia - I think they have a good team spirit and reached the Final in the 2018 World Cup. England - We always seem to end up second. Scotland - A great team spirit. Czech Republic - I think they'll be unlucky. Group E Spain - Back to their best. Sweden - Underrated. Polan
  8. Not sure either, we've got enough right backs to fill a league though.
  9. Finalists France/Belguim 10/1 Groups Group A 1)Italy(A) 2)Turkey(C) 3)Switzerland(B) 4)Wales (D) Group B 1)Belguim (A) 2)Russia (C) 3)Denmark (B) 4)Finland (D) Group C 1)Netherlands(A) 2)Austria(C) 3)Ukraine(B) 4)North Macedonia(D)
  10. OUTRIGHT WINNER France £5 WIN Belgium £2.50 Each Way I'm not too sure what I'm supposed to do, so that's all I've done for now @TomSE12
  11. Either copy the image on the left or download it and upload it like that.
  12. Day 1 Convective Outlook VALID 06:00 UTC Tue 11 May 2021 - 05:59 UTC Wed 12 May 2021 ISSUED 18:35 UTC Mon 10 May 2021 ISSUED BY: Dan Upper trough will sharpen and become increasingly negatively-tilted as it lifts northwards across England and Wales on Tuesday. The net result is increasing PVA/divergence on the forward flank of this feature, aiding broad lift/ascent. Scattered showers will already be present across parts of SW England and Wales initially, and diurnal heating inland will yield 300-600 J/kg CAPE with showers become more numerous with time
  13. Possible Plume slowly pushing up through the South West towards the end of the week does look like Atlantic pushed though.
  14. Taken in Folkestone last night by extreme weather who posted it on Facebook, just crazy.
  15. Mammatus And in the front garden This is just hoping by now but the lightning trajectory is my way, or just North of here in the last few Minutes.
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