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    thunderstroms, politics(please don't get to involved in Politics with me don't say I didn't warn you), The Saints, Musicals and Physics, for more look at my about me
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  1. Anybody know the record for the shortest lasting relationship, I believe I just beat it, lasted about 5 minutes lol. 

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    2. Eagle Eye

      Eagle Eye

      I find it quite intruigin gthat we use the same words for partners as we do for weather. 

      Anyway I oy know one person around my age who's kept a long relationship okay 2 but still. 

    3. Snowflake Queen

      Snowflake Queen

      Us women are complex at times babe ... you will find the one ... in the mean time have fun ! 

    4. Eagle Eye

      Eagle Eye

      Thanks, very confusing at the moment. 

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