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    Chapter 2  


    Air comes in air masses like tropical maritime these affect the weather in these regions a lot. The air mass near the uk is a cold humid mass and so we get a lot of rain and shower systems because it is above a warm and humid mass creating a lot of systems on the edge between europe and the uk and up north towards the middle of the air mass a lot of systems are created.


    This is why the rain seems to always be here in the uk it comes in systems wave after wave when two boundries meet between europe and the uk there is a massive drop in temperature and the warm air rises like this and this will probbaly create a situation with clouds rising and showers and possibly thunderstorms. The arm air rises above the cold air much like the cumulonimbus clouds or storm clouds these create an instibility creating a rise in air and clouds and a mutilayer cloud.  


    What is the average autumn weather in the uk?

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    In the uk the main setup for autumn usually is cold air coming from the west with the humid air, the maritime polar system takes over and because of the relatively warm(yes really) atlantic sea it creates instability and many showers but because of the relatively cold uk weather(no really) there will be no rigorous growth down south and a thick layer of stratus or nimbostratus will be created before an 8 to 12 hour rain. The reason for this is because cumulus is created when the sun shines and clouds are created and they’re less likely to happen now because it’s colder, in a storm warm goes above cold the same principle applies vigorous action can happen on a nimbostratus cloud creating an embedded thunderstorm, the warm air mass rises the stratus creating a multi layer cloud with a wide span.Stratus clouds are created when warm moist air depressurises say on a low front and sinks, a lot more fronts through autumn than summer are low, so typical autumn pressure is low what does that mean. When a low pressure arrives typically wind will increase, stratus will form, rain may begin to form becoming steady for many hours, temperature will increase, pressure will decrease but only slightly and it will be more humid.In autumm it is usually quite cold, how cold on average 8oc. So we’ve got raining, 80c humid and nimbostratus or stratus.

    My book so far please send in your qiesrions thanksnto Katrinna Basso for what is the average weather for autumn

    1. Katrine Basso

      Katrine Basso

      Thank you Hamilton and weather fan 1 for the very thorough explanation.


    2. Eagle Eye

      Eagle Eye

      That's okay any other questions because that's about 2 pages of the book done

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