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  1. Seems that whatever is pushing into S england is pushing all the low cloud away with its, just like i said this morning. SB convection going up all around, only downside its a walking sauna again in the sun with humidity. Hope this puts a smile on peoples faces and confidence they dont have to being out the b word just yet !!
  2. Not aloud to use that word😂😂😂 no but it does seems Cells are forming V quickly. And strikes are frequent.
  3. Seems accurate to me, theres some blue sky in the first time in what feels like forever. And some convective skys around its. 15-30% chance today id say up from 1%-5% chance yday
  4. Ill leave that for the other guys to decide(there always right) but its my viewpoint on whats going to happen today. Anywhere ahead of the feature in the channel in the red circle has the chance of seeing something SB and once that elevated mess moves thru same risk area again. Id say its fairly accurate but its my own viewpoint so Dont count me on it it.
  5. Hence the quotation marks lol😂😂 you cant complain however there was quite a few strikes from cell Near Ipswich? as soon as it initiated? Any rumbles hesrd norfolk sheep?
  6. East anglia has “exploded” lol well at least the breaks in the cloud are doing something today. However there seems to a strip of elevated cloud/convection in last 30 mins on sat 24z this could be associated with this. Bound to see something today if you haven’t already!
  7. Sat 24 deffo shows that all that in channel is growing and will make it across. CLOUD TOPS are higher and there seems to be some vreaks in the cloud ahead of it, giving some surface heating. Could be a good day today for us folks
  8. So we can get the Big cell structures with impressive rainfall rates every characteristic of a heavy large import thunderstorm. But no sferics after it leaves france. It doesn't seem to weakening and even tho rainfall rates are extremely high, its all moving at quite a speed on different days. Now these features pushing into Central southern england in the morning may aid in more breaks in the cloud and the low cloud and mist is essentially pushed away to the north with it. Leaving broken sunshine, and thunderstorms in The afternoon. Today we have the highest chance overnight into tomorrow sin
  9. I will start by saying lets ignore my comment from yesterday. This is not thePlace for such posts. Hope it made someone’s day loool. Anyway moving back to real weather dynamica. Well today is a bit different to yesterday. We have a cold front pushing from the south. But also a weak trough moving from the continent. This could cause some pulse storms or showers this morning i suppose moving E-W however from what i see we should start to see a more S/SE’ly flow overnight tonight and in Tomorrow and Monday giving us another chance for the next few days before return to atlant
  10. H.A.A.R.P at its finest. Severe weather inbound? Millions of pounds worth of damage. Turn the North sea low mist on for a few days. And alter the course of thunderstorms. Sorry i know its a conspiracy. And not Really related to this thread. However over the past years. Storms have reduced massively. And it just does not seem to co incide with rising temperatures Did you know that there is H.A.A.R.P in north wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 they “shut it down” late 2014 when it was seen as a weapon and classed as a danger to the environment worldwide. The study’s that go on in this organisation are in
  11. Considering its been 19/20c in luton all day and not a bit of sun im suprised to day that skies have broken slightly in the last 30 mins. And CB have shot up to the east. Goes to show heats not the inlt ingredients needed!
  12. In luton. Seems to back building from radar. Big heavy raindrops. No hail tho. Some booms of thubsee but cant see/ havent seen lightning yet.
  13. Rumbling away here in luton as we speak so as i say. Have faith. Good things come To those who wait
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