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  1. June was about average or slightly above in the south and east, Duller than average in the SW and NW England, west Wales, N Ireland and most of Scotland (again). UK actual and anomaly maps WWW.METOFFICE.GOV.UK Maps of climate variables for previous months, seasons and years
  2. This is what is annoying for me. I could do with a good dose of rain for my allotment, but instead we get this change in the weather (expected at some point), that brings cloudy, cool and unsettled weather, but the rainfall amounts have been pitiful. It just evaporates within an hour of falling. If we are going to get November weather, might as well have November rain as well, but this cuirrent can't-be-bothered-to-drop-more-than-half-a-millimeter-at-a-time weather, and me having to manually cart around 100 litres of water to keep my crops alive is just another UK Swearing AGAIN-take, on top o
  3. 1996 an average summer? Not in Salford it wasn't. It was overshadowed by the spectacular summer the previous year but it was warm and dry from my memory, particularly August. It is ranked 29th driest out of 254 in the HadUKP data and about 100th out of 361 for temperature, so above average in terms of goodness of summer.
  4. Daily Express, so likely the most extreme forecast they could find.
  5. Maybe not for you, but it has for me, not as bad as a muggy night in high summer, but just warm enough that I struggled to sleep several times. There were some nights where it didn't drop below mid teens outside, which means my house stays at 23C most of the night, probably a bit higher in the bedroom as my central heating thermostat which shows the indoor temperature is downstairs. Opening the windows means I struggle to get to sleep because of noisy bastards.
  6. Ok sorry, I thought you were having unrealistic expectations of the weather in the dark months, but you are saying that you appreciate warmth and sunshine because we have to deal with the autumn and winter grot. I certainly don't expect you to justify that, as I feel the same. Sometimes Spring feels like a tease season, when it gets to April, I hope for it to become warm enough to go outside without a jacket, but it seems to stay in the low double digits during the day for seemingly a long time, and I wonder if it is ever going to warm up. It nearly always does by the end of the month and into
  7. Already had thunderstorms in Horsham, one Saturday morning/early afternoon in mid May. The only significant rain to fall in the entire month. I can appreciate a good electrical storm, but preferably not overnight. I don't appreciate being kept awake until 3am when I have to get up for work.
  8. Too much damp I agree with but too much cool? What do you expect in the UK in autumn and winter? We can't have 20C in February every year.
  9. Looks like another week of below average daytime temperatures for Horsham coming up, but still little in the way of useful rain. At this rate, June is going to be cooler than May and April. Has southern England borrowed an arid climate from the southern hemisphere? I'm finding it tough growing UK veg in these conditions. I do find the cooler nights better for sleeping, which is one plus.
  10. Not a drop of rain in Horsham, and the Met Office have cancelled the wet evening that had been forecast the last two days, so another evening of dumping 200 litres of water on my allotment. No significant rain forecast for the next week, just a load of cool cloudy,dry, and completely useless weather. It is hard to cultivate UK crops in an arid climate.
  11. Classic UK p**s-take weather. Yes the August bank holiday will be awful, because I have booked a scrambling course in Snowdonia over that weekend, and given I picked the worst two week period last year to go backpacking in Scotland, the late 90's/2000's trend of crap weather whenever I want to hike up a UK mountain may have returned.
  12. The first half of May contained that annoying colder spell which produced frequent overnight frosts and fairly low daytime maxes, and was a nuisance for gardeners. Here in Horsham, there were more cold nights with ground frost risk than I can remember during the whole winter, which is why my potato crop got damaged despite earthing up. Up to that point, there was hardly any frost.
  13. Similar in that it was locked in for months , but the geopotential height anomaly through October 2019-February 2020 was indicative of a strong persistent positive NAO/AO signal, but with the centre of the low pressure anomaly shifted south over the UK, not a stagnant zonal wavetrain.
  14. I had a play on the NCEP NCAR composite plotting tool, and got out the surface pressure anomaly and 700mb geopotential height anomaly average over 1st April to 25th May. What we are experiencing seems to be part of a global wavetrain, with most of NW Europe under a ridge. There are regions either side (e.g. Eastern Arctic Canada) which have been under a trough, and I imagine there it has been a very wet spring. If the phase of this wavetrain had been shifted half a wavelength, the UK could be recording a record breaking wet spring, instead of a semi-arid one.
  15. Given how dry, warm and sunny April was in Scotland, coupled with the mild winter, will this mean less snow on the higher mountains in late Spring/early summer? I remember in 2017 there was barely a patch of snow even in the big corries of Braeriach where the semi-permanent patches can be found, but that was due to a lack of winter snow.
  16. That slow moving low and horrible full day of rain and November-like temperatures last Tuesday really bumped up the rainfall over central Southern England. Not surprised it ended up closer to average near me, that was the start of four consecutive wet days.
  17. Exactly, it is also the amount of sunshine that is way above average. The coming week is going to knock the magnitude of the rainfall anomaly right down, but the last four weeks have been incredible for the time of year. It has felt like a cooler version of May and June 2018. In Horsham there has been one day last Saturday evening of heavy rain this month. To see how far from normal this month is, I will wait until HadCET, HadUKP have been updated then see where April 2020 ranks. According to this Met Office timeseries (https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/pub/data/weather/uk/climate/datasets/Sun
  18. Are they? 2018 was a very sunny summer but I don't recall last year particularly standing out. UK temperature, rainfall and sunshine time series WWW.METOFFICE.GOV.UK Time series graphs of climate variables for previous months, seasons and years You can select "summer" and "sunshine" to plot summer sunshine going back about 90 years, and apart from 2018, there is no increase in sunny summers over the last 20 years. The only real trend is an increase in high summer sunshine years from 1975 to 1996, followed by a slight drop off. The dreadf
  19. No it isn't, it is based on the best scientific conclusion from the available evidence and what we understand about the laws of physics. That is not to say there isn't internal variability which can mask or amplify the long term warming signal on short timescales, but internal variability does not contribute to a long term climate change. The only way the global climate can change is by a forcing, and human activities have been that forcing for the last 200 years.
  20. I agree. In 2010 it seemed to take forever to properly warm up. 2010 was the year of northerly northerly northerly NORTHERLY wind week after week after week. I remember it for two reasons. Firstly, it was regularly a slog cycling in a NWly direction to work (10 miles) through spring, headwind after headwind after headwind. Secondly, flights were disrupted by ash from the Iceland volcano, again, thanks to the wind persistently blowing from that direction.
  21. E+W 58.4 mm according to HadUKP, which ranks it 125 out of 255 in the records going back to 1766. That is below the 1981-2010 average of 71.5 mm, although that climatology does include the incredibly wet March of 1981 (second wettest in the HadUKP record).
  22. 2018 had a wet April, followed by a drier than normal May (May 2019 was even drier). I remember it being extremely dry in my location (Horsham), I only remember it raining once or twice in the whole month. That was that first of three consecutive months with high pressure anchored right over the UK. 1974, 1977, 1978, 1980, 1982, 1990, 1995, 2010, 2011, 2019 These years had negative rainfall anomalies in April and May relative to 1981-2010 climatology, HadUKP England+Wales dataset. It is not that common. It is also uncommon to get both April and May wet, which suggests that locked in
  23. Looks like the summer-like weather will last into the first half of the Easter bank holiday, then a significant cool down from Monday back to near average temperatures. Still no sign of rain in my area, fortunately I haven't got any transplanted seedlings on my allotment that need watering (yet).
  24. You are allowed to go out for exercise. I cycled a couple of five mile laps around a route near me earlier this evening on (very) quiet country lanes (for anyone who lives near Horsham, Westons farm -> Barns Green -> Bax Castle pub -> Christs Hospital). Near perfect conditions for it.
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