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  1. The bit you bolded is a known phenomenon. People do look back on their childhood with a bias. The reason is that cold snowy winters mean you are out sledging, having snowball fights, and having a more memorable time. Hot sunny summers mean you are playing on the beach or playing football outside. In other words, having a more memorable day. Slate grey days with the rain pouring down for hours whilst you sit indoors reading a book are not likely to stick in the mind decades later, despite that characterising much of the UK weather in the GMT portion of the year. Nostalgia a
  2. It is that period when contributors on weather forums across the net start having perpetual orgasms over the GFS forecasts, and when people (usually living in the north of England/Scotland) falsely claim the south of England grinds to a halt from an inch of snow.
  3. It is laughable the implication that global warming must be made up because someone somewhere makes money because of it, whilst ignoring the billions made from consumption of fossil fuels and spreading lies and disinformation. In any case, you can;t convince someone of the truth of something, when there salary or identity demands it is false.
  4. Here are timeseries of the CET for December January and February 1900-2020 (2019 for December). There have been small upward trends in all winter months, but note the interannual variability is an order of magnitude larger, so it would be premature to claim the UK can't get severe cold periods in winter any more or in the future.
  5. Yes we agree, what I am clarifying is I don't think snowy periods in UK winters will disappear entirely, just that the return period will increase, similarly the return period for extreme summer heat will decrease.
  6. I was born in 1978 and I remember snowy periods when I was in primary school, making slides and rolling big snowballs. Your past memories are going to be a product of where you were brought up. I was born and raised in Salford which tends to be one of the last places to get snow if there is a cold snap, and when it does get snow it is the 1-2 inches that thaws within a day (like lowland southern England). It takes a proper severe winter spell to get substantial snow around lowland Gtr Manchester, something like Dec 1995 or Dec/Jan 2010. My past weather memories is biased toward the 1990's deca
  7. There are puddles on the grass verges near me which have been there so long, they will be added to the next edition of the OS maps.
  8. I personally think that is overstating it, Polar and Arctic air masses will still exist in winter in the 2040's, those regions are still going to be cold enough. It is just the conditions to advect the cold across to the UK along with moisture and uplift required for snow rather than sleet and rain are going to need to be even more optimal than now, so the frequency of major snowfalls will decrease.
  9. We will, but there is no denying that a warming climate will make significant snow events less likely, and they were never very likely to begin with, despite the nostalgia bias claiming all winters in your grandmothers day were cold and snowy. The UK has always been marginal for lying snow in winter, because cold air masses are almost always near the freezing point when they arrive here, so you need several conditions to come together for widespread prolonged snowfall, which is low probability. It is the same with summer heat, there is a reason 35+C doesn't happen often. Having said that, by t
  10. It has been pretty bad in Sussex. According to the Met Office monthly anomaly maps my area had no more than half the average sunshine in October and November combined, and December is turning into the third consecutive dull month. For five months of the year the UK climate is something to endure.
  11. The only good thing about November is it hasn't been as wet as October, but I can't remember a two month period where I've had to have the lights on indoors all day so many times. Oh hang on, yes I do, it was last autumn. 🙄 It has been an odd month, the frequent, almost persistent overcast has kept the overnight temperatures elevated, sometimes to the point where there is only a 2-3 degree variation between the max and the min. It has been a month to endure and just get through, at least I will enjoy some of the Christmas festivities in December no matter what the weather does.
  12. I too enjoy the build up to Christmas, although these days it seems to be an anti-climax when it arrives, because it is a long build up, then over in the blink of an eye. The last six weeks of weather have been miserable, October was like last year another claggy rain-fest, we've had one week of anticyclonic weather in November with a bit of sun then back to the lights on all day weather. For maximum annoyance, the weekends over the last five or six weeks have tended to be wet, so it is has been difficult to do any autumn work on my allotment, the clay soil gets sodden when nearly every day ha
  13. I could do with some frost for the Brussel sprouts on my allotment.
  14. Nobody knows what the weather is going to do up too and beyond Christmas beyond guesswork.
  15. I have had the heating on for a couple of hours last week, not for comfort but to dry laundry, which would otherwise take at least a week in this constant near 100% humidity rainy crap otherwise known as autumn. The house hasn't dropped below 15C thanks largely to mild nights.
  16. Tell me about it. Yes it was February where the named storms coincided with weekends, and when I was trying to erect a greenhouse on my allotment. Twice I had roof panels displaced or ripped off (thankfully polycarbonate, not glass), and I had to bodge an engineering solution consisting of L shaped brackets and drilling holes into the frame to bolt the panels down, then use a very strong adhesive around every roof and side pane to seal them all in. My greenhouse might withstand the equivalent of an October 1987 storm now. The weather now seems to be trolling me with the forecast of sunny
  17. Well October was a pile of crap in my part of Sussex. Rain rain rain rain rain dull dull dull dull dull. Another month with several 12-24 hour rainfests and lights-on-all-day days. To make it even more crap, the weekend wet weather bias seems to be kicking in, this is going to be the third consecutive weekend being mostly wet or at least very unsettled, with Sunday looking to be another full day of rain. It has gone like last year, roaring zonality with almost no high pressure. Sadly November looks to be starting in a similar manner, having the sunny days in the week when I am working ☚ī¸. The
  18. I'd tend to agree. It feels like summer until the sun goes down at half past six. The 30C at the end of September was spectacular, I don't recall it ever feeling so warm outside so late in the year before or since.
  19. 14 days of rain in the highlands is unlucky based on my experience of many summer holidays up there. Even last June when I was there for a fortnight and had to endure the summer killer known as the stagnated low pressure over the UK, I didn't get rained on much, the main features of the weather were the cool temperatures and near constant clag, and being on the Ullapool-Stornoway ferry in a NEly gale, perfect for sending a sizeable swell between the islands and mainland (one way to mitigate seasickness is to look outside to the horizon).
  20. I'll take the same attitude when you spend the autumn, winter and spring moaning about cloud and rain - get over it, it's the UK, what do you expect? People are going to complain about conditions that are uncomfortable or destructive, regardless of whether you personally enjoy such conditions, deal with it.
  21. When it gets stupidly hot like the last week, I appreciate the crappy cloudy weather more. I can garden in comfort, cycle in comfort, and sleep in comfort in crappy cloudy weather.
  22. I'm not wishing for autumn weather, but I am wishing for a cooldown. This weather is useless, too hot to do anything useful outside. It can be decent without being extreme, there is such a thing as a happy medium.
  23. It makes me laugh how some people in July were writing off August, just because x number of recent years have had mediocre to poor Augusts. Now we've swung the pendulum the other way and I have to sweat profusely for a week and a half because there is no escape from these sub-tropical conditions.
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