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  1. Didn’t think it was even possible, but got a very slight sunburn today. In February. A minor graze - I blame being stuck inside so much
  2. 2cm of wet snow, melting. Massive flakes but sky’s brightening. I guess that was our winter. Roll on the spring.
  3. Thundersleet turned to heavy, very wet snow half an hour ago. A messy covering. Odds are it’s raining down the hill from us and a mile or two closer to southampton
  4. Seen it developing for last 30 mins but the thunder appears to have ceased
  5. Well this is remarkable. Sitting outside near Romsey, Hants with constant flashing way off to the North/NE. Can’t even figure out what storm that is meantime already seen two exemplary shooting stars from the meteor shower and somehow everything smells of the seaside (outside chance that’s the bins)
  6. Italy’s curve is rolling over. The new cases and deaths look awful but they are well off the original exponential growth curve and should improve in 10-14 days, deaths lagging. We’ve taken arguably more effective steps, earlier. Still too late, I would agree, but not as late as the areas I mentioned before.
  7. btw, it seems like southampton is the place to be. Not only are they trialling the drug mentioned above, they are also piloting usage of a 15-minute covid test made by a uk biopharma. Unfortunately they do not have enough nurses however.
  8. Well, yes, but just not very precisely. which is my motto basicallly - “approximately right, not precisely wrong”
  9. Guy’s a flake. He’s been calling this market crash since before the last one.
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