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  1. Radar says no - snow says ignore the radar - Yes (albeit v fine and grainy)
  2. Hello there. I live in Gants Hill - must be only a short distance from you.
  3. One short sharp shower and we have a sugar coating on the roads and pavements. Took me by surprise as the radar says it just missed me to the west
  4. Radar says no, but it is still snowing steadily here with tiny flakes. Not settling though
  5. At last the snow finally settling on roofs, grass and cars for the last 30 mins. Been a long wait but hopefully will start to settle everywhere soon
  6. Been snowing all morning since daylight at varying levels of intensity but not one flake has been able to settle. Hoping for this to happen after dark perhaps if the snow persists.
  7. No chance of settling here currently. Chingford always does better from these set ups than my neck of the woods
  8. Heaviest it’s been here, whilst met office says just cloudy right now for me.....
  9. Snow grains pepped up here and blowing around wildly in the strong wind. Temp now 1.3 degrees
  10. Tiny snow particles blowing around in the wind. Temp dipped to 1.5 degrees from a balmy 2 degrees an hour ago.
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