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  1. Certainly is here too now, some of the best we've had yet. Picture doesn't really do it justice though. The footprints from this morning are already starting to fill in.....
  2. Moderate snow again here and the wind seems to have picked up a bit again too. Looks like some heavier snow coming our way too, looking at the radar.
  3. I just popped out to Yate from Frampton Cotterell and although it is only fine snow, the roads are already getting tricky. The roads in Yate are covered, more there than here at the moment. It's going to be an interesting night......few days!
  4. Definitely the best storms we have had in this area for many years! It's been pretty constant thunder here all morning with the last hour being pretty intense again with some close strikes. Loving this!
  5. I agree about the sustained bit. I think overall it is more intense here tonight than it was on Wednesday.
  6. Had some good hail showers earlier today here in North Bristol and what is falling now has some ice in amongst it
  7. I got up to take a look this morning but too much cloud, times running out to get a morning view so I really hope it survives the encounter with the Sun. An evening viewing is so much more civilized than 5:30am.............I am really not a morning person!
  8. At the moment you can only see it just before sunrise, so that shouldn't affect you until after November when it has gone around the sun and out the other side.
  9. I'n sure none of the scientific sources every quoted it as a 'comet of a lifetime', just that it had the potential to be so. I can remember back in the 70s when Kahoutek was expected to be the 'comet of the century' too! "Before its close approach, Kohoutek was hyped by the media as the "comet of the century". However, Kohoutek's display was considered a let-down,possibly due to partial disintegration when the comet closely approached the sun prior to its Earth flyby. Since this was probably the comet's first visit to the inner Solar System, it would have still contained large amounts of fro
  10. I was out last night for an hour and a half from about 11:30pm. I think people that just pop out for 10 minutes and don't see anything need to try sitting outside for longer and getting dark adapted before giving up. I didn't see much for the first 15 minutes, only a few faint ones but once I was completely dark adapted I must have seen about 15 very bright ones that left trails. One of the best nights watching these for a few years and that was in my back garden not that far from a large city!
  11. I like his videos. In a couple now he has explained away a few anomalies that spawn some of these wild conspiracies. It's good to see the clear scientific explanations that help debunk them. Keep on posting them.
  12. How good it is to see someone clearly explaining away something that would or may have already been claimed in yet another conspiracy theory! These are really good updates.
  13. I guess that's another prediction blown out of the water. How will they explain that away?
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