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  1. Isle of Man, just had hail / fine snow, not covering the lawn yet
  2. anyone having trouble getting the home page and forecasts/charts etc ? been like that for a few days now
  3. forecast wildly astray, showing 11-24mph, my weather has been below 2mph for the last 5 hours :-(
  4. someone may be intrested in this instrument we have had for quite a few years, but up to now it hasn't really shown much indication of the weather, but today I noticed it had done some of what it was supposed to do ! looks like it's going to get windy :-)
  5. yes, had to get the hose out and give the cars a swill down !
  6. why do the tv forecasters still go on about how calm it is, and going to be ?, it's still windy 20-40mph all this week, are they just trying to make people feel good for xmas ?
  7. I'm just gobsmacked that the wonderful netweather forecast is showing rain every day (except next tuesday, which is the very day I would bet on a sprinkle falling) for the next week giving moderate rain at 7pm EVERY DAY ~ there's got to be something screwed up in the software for that
  8. c'mon guys, when's this rain coming ? I'm going to have to go and water the garden if it doesn't come soon flippin weather forecasters currently blue sky, sunshine, calm
  9. sunny but lots of haze, can hardly see the cruise ship in the bay ! 18c light breeze nw forecast still showing rain 7pm every day (except 1) for the next week ~ I hope something screwed up there showed showers for late last night and it was the clearest starry sky I have seen for ages :lol:
  10. I can't get over the forecast I am getting for here from netweather, it says it's going to rain every day at the same time (7pm) for the next week Looking at the charts I can see nothing which would give me the slightest hint of such weird weather, I can't see anything in the way of rain until about thursday next week ! I can only hope it's a quirk in the system somewhere but time will tell ps. weather station down for repair, ignore below wind charts
  11. pressure still dropping here, but something strange with the radar not showing IoM coverage !#missisleofman !
  12. just 13mm so far, but the Isle of Man seems to have a gap in the rainfall radar cover around us for some strange reason
  13. I was looking for a 27 day solar calendar for plotting aurora and found "Bartel's Music" ! what a wonderful name http://cdn.nwstatic.co.uk/forum//public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/laugh.png
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