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  1. For once I am hoping that it does not snow. Taking my daughter to an interview in Oxford, due back late afternoon. Light dusting of snow currently in Chelmsford.
  2. I bet it is, heavy snow just north of Chelmsford now and by the look of the radar more and perhaps even better to come. Going to wake the children up in 30 mins then off for a walk in the snow after breakfast. Then hopefully a little sledging.
  3. I couldn't either, given the very wet start, but it is, quite readily now. Hope it will all white by the time the children wake :-)
  4. Well that's still quite elevated. Anyway over the past 30 mins we have gone from heavy rain to sleet to wet snow, next snow dry snow?! Precipitation is not quite as heavy as earlier. Things are definitely improving.
  5. That's maybe because the forecast was filmed several hours ago, the weather personel are (sensibly) tucked up in bed! :-)
  6. Wind is getting up and raining moderately, looks like a wash out unless the low changes its track :-( Might go back to bed,
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