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  1. Morning all, beautiful day today, a milky sky, through which you can see contrails. I think with all the debate that went around yesterday, I will go back to my lurker status as in my opinion my sort of posts are the ones which are so problematical, unfortunately I have a great interest in the weather, but no technical ability, therefore my input could only be very limited, so I tried to add some general observations and humour, which in hindsight was inappropriate. I'm too old and frankly too busy with work to learn weather forecasting etc, so I will come on here and read JP great posts, an
  2. What a beautiful morning, a great to be alive morning, not a cloud in the sky, no wind not even a breeze, obviously cool out this morning as there's a slight frost on the car. How I envy you AS, how I miss that smell of new mown grass, the enthusiastic youngsters having their first bowl, the nervousness of their first catch, the sound of leather on willow. Those days are now long gone and I must admit to missing them. Your final line didn't read to well, I hope you will be back soon and that I misinterupted your meaning. BB unfortunately that's how I read it, will miss him a lot, as his writi
  3. In derby this morning so won't post what its like out, other than the East Midlands airport is a busy place with planes taking off very early, must remind the secretary about that :-), have a great POETS day everyone.
  4. Morning all, cloudy and grey today, nothing exciting to report today, other than going up north, for 3 meetings today and 1 tomorrow, so hopefully a POETS day tomorrow. Hope everyone's well and have a great one. As it gets lighter I have noticed a few raindrops on the window, bit of a surprise.
  5. Just a quick update on my previous post, the hero who preformed the immediate CPR was a fireman who was sitting two rows behind the victim, he was replaced by the medical team within minutes of the heart attacked occurring, and it appears that the victim is recovering well in hospital, without the fireman's immediate and prompt response then the outcome would have been different. The fireman is such a modest individual who is embarrassed by the number of posts congratulating him, he reckon's he was just doing his job. So nice that there are these sorts of people about, especially when you thin
  6. Good morning everyone, one word describes the weather today and that is foggy, nothing more to say as I can't see very far. I don't normally talk about football on here for obvious reasons, its a weather site, but yesterday I witness the high and lows, directly opposite where I sit, we unfortunately witness something that has changed my opinion of people in general, some poor man had a serious heart attack, you could tell he was in a very poor way, by the reactions of the people around him. This hero of a steward who went to a game of football to help control the crowd and have a laugh with t
  7. Just driven back from Heathrow to dirty Dartford, there where some really heavy showers around Heathrow and especially the new services (chobham?) but from there on round weather just got better and better, now in dirty Dartford, suns almost out, wind picked up a bit since this morning. Interesting meeting first time I met a Vice President of a large American company, seemed a really nice bloke, new his product and listened to my concerns and promised to incorporate them in future designs, shame some of the British manufactures don't listen, mind you as they say the proof of the pudding will b
  8. Morning all, hope everyone well, weather same as yesterday, dull and grey only slight difference is a hint of mist and hardly any wind. Something different for me today, off to Heathrow to have a meeting with some American business men before they fly off to South Africa, last time flight delays prevented it happening. Might not be on to much more this week as going away up north, sounds like I might miss some storm which will be a shame, have a good 'un and enjoy yourselves.
  9. Hope everybody is feeling well, pleased to say that the misses foot improved slightly as they day went on, so she managed to produce a nice Sunday roast. A grey old morning, think we might had some drizzle during the night, but weather ain't looking very promising at the moment, seems a tad breezy out. Dentist then Harlow office today, got a busy week ahead, with many meetings and a second interview, and plenty of driving. Hope you all have a good one.
  10. Morning all, hope everyone is well, football yesterday well what can you say other than I predictive the result correctly so reverse psychology didn't work. Grey old morning this morning had hoped to have a trip out to Broadstairs today, but her indoors has gone down with an injury, she was being lazy yesterday whilst I was suffering at football, sitting with her legs dangling over the side of the armchair (despite moaning at me for doing this) got up, her leg had gone to sleep, fell over and badly twisted her ankle. Talk about playing on her injury she couldn't cook tea last night, when I poi
  11. A wet start in Dartford, grey and horrible, got food shopping this morning then off to the valley with my boy and surprisingly his girl friend, no doubt another defeat, but if other lose as well then safety and rebuilding will be imminent. Think I got a free day tomorrow, so if weather nice might suggest a run out to Broadstairs, love that place. Well let's hope the weather cheers up, sun come out and a few storm are set off (after end of football). Have a good weekend and I hope numpty and everyone else stays fit and well.
  12. Told you AS, weather today was perfect for a drive through dirty Dartford, dull, dreary, damp, drizzly, dismal and doggy (well foggy but I'm sure you see where I was coming from) also AS the traffic jam for the bridge was only around the 7 mile mark when I come through from my jolly saunter up to the dizzy heights of Peterborough, it drizzled all the way up and back. Have a great weekend everyone and good luck to Daniel tomorrow, hope you equal our result.
  13. Morning all, hope you are all well, certainly a dull old day here in dreary Dartford. No rain as yet, but it got the look of rain, think there could be something in the storms forecast for later today. Off to our Peterborough office for a one o'clock meeting, must be getting old agreeing to that on a Friday, hope everyone has a good POETS day today, and for those of us who got to use the Dartford bridge let's hope its clear tonight. Have a good one.
  14. That mucked up my nice VIP day out, accident on the M1 which shut it north bound for 21/2 hours, so it only took me 31/2 to do a journey fro dirty Dartford to junction 9 of the M1 and back to horrible Harlow, where im now stuck, thinking what have I got to do, hate that normally got my whole planned out. Oh, I feel sorry for those involved and off course my adoring fans :-) whose wait will be in vain. Perhaps being a VIP might have gone to my head. Can confirm there's weather about today, looked some spectacular sky scapes as I was seat stationery, fairly warm and not to be bad.
  15. Morning all, not to bad out there today, looked liked it rain out there last night, would say about 70% cloud cover! which appears to be slowly decreasing so hopefully a nice day. Off to Milton Keynes today, not sure why but agreed to go to an official opening of a suppliers factory today, apparently I'm a VIP, told the wife and she laughed :-(, we even got nibbles laid on. Oh well I suppose it will make a change from work. Have a good day everyone, I must admit I'm not certain about mine today.
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