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  1. Torrential rain and thunder in Bromley now, and a heavier burst to come behind it. Right in the firing line today
  2. Amazingly managed to just avoid the showers all yesterday and today, 5 miles west and I’d have been soaked by now
  3. Unmistakably snow here in Bromley, no settling obviously but it’s quite heavy - looks like something slightly heavier on the radar just NW of London and maybe that will come here soon
  4. More snowflakes than ever in the rain here in Bromley now, surely it can keep progressing
  5. it’s really really trying here in Bromley, a few snowflakes in the rain, let’s see if the cold air continues to dig southwards and it can bring me into something a little more conducive
  6. What seems like some sort of icy, sleety stuff coming down a little in the rain now in Bromley, precipitation is so light though, I imagine with the colder air digging south I could be in for a shot of at least something if it gets heavy enough
  7. That really goes for it doesn’t it?! Am I right in thinking there’s a tendency for these systems to be corrected southwards a day before an event? Sorry if this has been brought up already I haven’t read it all
  8. That lot of showers currently in South Wales? Will that get to us late enough that it’s cold enough for snow?
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