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  1. Over wirksworth right now, very loud rumbles of thunder and frequent lightning, probably not the best idea to be standing on a hill in the middle of nowhere when taking these photos
  2. Got these pics about half an hour ago outside of Rhuddlan, not sure if it was a funnel but it had a very distinguished look and there was a fair amount of motion in it, I shall let you guys decide, also on the way back there was alot of scud like formations going on, clouds are fairly low too.
  3. House struck by lightning as thunderstorms and flash flooding hit parts of UK NEWS.SKY.COM Five fire crews were called to a house in Sheffield after a blaze broke out on the roof during a storm. Oh geez
  4. I might be in luck, it's just been cirrus clouds all day, no comulus in sight till I looked east, not the best pic because of houses in the way, I'm hoping to attempt to get more lightning pics, if I get anything at all
  5. Been a crazy day today, that supercell was mental, got this pic on my way back off the coast, hope to experience more with you all tomorrow, but for now gn fellas ⛈?
  6. All I got today, I really shouldn't complain though, I am happy for the people who got to witness the supercell West of Manchester, Hoping for more in the days to come, also does anyone know if that tornado in Todmorden Moor hit anything, would love to know, Thanks ?
  7. Setup on the overlook on gwnesca (I don't know if that's how you spell it I am really bad at Welsh) heard some rumbles of thunder, just hope I don't get soaked like I did yesterday, glad I'm not wearing jeans this time ?
  8. Just got up and checked out the landing window, I believe this is the cell to my West, looking really good
  9. I am really happy with how this turned out, I am sad I had to end it quick but lets just say my cut out hole in a CO-OP bag really helped save my camera when it started pouring it down, I hope I see more action tonight and can compile a long video of time-lapses I have got, still trying to figure out the right settings to photograph lightning, I am very new with photography, also can anyone help me figure out what that lowering was, I assumed it was some sort of scud as it associated with all that down draft, please correct me if I am wrong. Timelapse3lowres.mov
  10. Been watching this thing on the sand dunes, going to compile more footage when I get home, this is all I got with my phone for now, hope you guys like the pics
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNPPhdJr5oM I really should've researched more into timelapsing with the camera I use but I will try and do better tomorrow, I am super new to this and I've never had a chance to experiment, I use a Panasonic FZ-200 bridge camera, if anyone knows any tips on photographing lightning, or recording lightning please give me
  12. The view from the back of my house in Prestatyn, no thunder yet
  13. Did it have rapid movement because that looks alot like a scud, either way that's awesome.
  14. Post your tornado encounters here and tell us about the experience and what other phenomena you saw.
  15. Has there been any reports of tornadoes, waterspouts, spinups etc
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