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  1. On 26/02/2020 at 01:38, Thundery wintry showers said:

    Yes, I think the north of England had a day of wintry showers on 20 December 1991 and some frontal snow on 17 February 1992, both of which had lying snow to near sea level for a time, but that was it.  Rain turned to snow as it spread east on 4 January 1993 and there were snow showers on the 11th/12th associated with the Braer storm (and very disruptive snowstorms further north across the Scottish Lowlands).  October 1992 had some unusually early snowfalls in places but not much on the ground at low levels.  Otherwise the winters of 1991/92 and 1992/93 were pretty much snowless until 27 February 1993.

    Regarding Flakey's recollections, the one thing that casts doubt on the suggestion of late Feb/early Mar 1993 was that the heavy snow for the SE was forecast to come from showers off the North Sea rather than from a system moving through the English Channel.  I see there is a mention of a system moving in from the SE on the 1st on the 28 February forecasts, but it still doesn't match up with the recollection.  Mac_SE's recollections sound like they probably were this event though.  Memories do sometimes play tricks so it's nonetheless possible that this might be the event that Flakey is remembering.

    It won't have been 15 February 1994 as London definitely got snow on that occasion, but it's possible that it could have been overnight 21/22 February 1994, when a frontal system passed just to the south of London giving snow to Kent and Sussex.  It's not played up much on the BBC forecasts (Michael Fish had the system down as very marginal as to whether it got as far north as London) but ITN could possibly have over-egged it.  Fronts did push in from the south-west late on the 22nd and over the following few days, giving widespread snow in the Midlands and northern England, but turned quickly to rain in the south.


    You know what, I think it may well have been Feb 21/22 1994. As you say the memory does play tricks, but I’m certain the forecaster the next day said the system had instead dived into France. I remember the newsreader questioning him about it. I would have been 9 so that would account for the poor recollection. Thanks for such an in-depth answer.

  2. 5 minutes ago, Donegal said:

    Tonight looks better than last night for the NW. A more organised band of snow showers coming in to Donegal around 10/11. How far they track inland is another thing. Donegal/Western Third of NI Sligo Leitrim have the best chance imo. Met Eireann also have snow warning for Donegal sligo Leitrim. 

    Will be marginal but more on the snow side of marginal than last night. 

    Last night was weird. We had hail shower after hail shower in Leitrim - an inch of hail on the ground this morning. I’ve seen more hail and thunderhail this week than in the rest of my life! Bizarre, but fun!

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  3. 8 minutes ago, Summer of 95 said:

    Was it the end of Feb 1993? I remember that weekend with the forecasts of widespread heavy snow from a northerly setup, in the end it gave about 5 minutes of snow round here. I think some places along the East coast got a cm or two but that was it. It was a terrible forecast. Particularly at the end of the second successive virtually snowless winter.

    Looking at the charts it wasn't a Channel low involved, it was one diving down the North Sea that ended up in Denmark rather than England, though the uppers were -10 the precipitation seems to have all gone too far east. A day or two later the low was around the Alps.

    Maybe that was it. The timing certainly sounds about right.

  4. Hi guys,

    I’m trying to pin down a really vague memory from the early 90s - I’d guess maybe 1993 or 94 - of a failed snow event where the tv forecasts got it totally wrong.

    I remember seeing the ITN weather one evening and them forecasting snow for London from a system going through the channel. I went to bed excited and woke up to - nothing. Not a flake. I remember the next day the forecasters explaining the system had gone further south than anticipated, into France.

    Can anyone shed some light on this? Are there any forecasts etc? 

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  5. 5 hours ago, danm said:

    In my opinion, for our part of the world (the SE) these are the best set ups for snow. With a bitter easterly and convective snow showers/streamers from the North Sea there is rarely any marginality (unless you live on the coast), plus the snow can last for hours and is unpredictable. Can also be a pain though for those who just miss out as is always the case with showers and streamers. 

    Much better for those south of the river though. For places like north London and the Home Counties you need a straight easterly or even ESE. I think this happened briefly during the 2018 Beast, but could be wrong.

  6. Hi all! Seeing this thread inspired me to join the site as this is my single best snow event in 35 years.

    Here in north London the snow set in at about 9pm and just got heavier and heavier through the night, with only very brief lulls. By dawn we had 18cms of level snow and drifts in excess of a foot.

    The funny thing was, the streamer delivered far more to London than most expected; conversely, the ‘main event’, the following afternoon, delivered almost nothing. An anticipated area of heavy snow moving up from France turned out to be a light and patchy affair.

    This event remains unrivalled for me in terms of the intensity and duration of the snowfall. A really special event for London.

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