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    Buntingford, North East Hertfordshire (120m asl) and Enfield, London (20m asl)
  1. Love the articles reporting from different parts of the country. Cambridge 19 Jan 1881: "The streets and roads are almost impassable, the snow being several feet deep". Amazing how life still continued almost as normal, if that happened nowadays the country will just be at a standstill and a national disaster would be declared.
  2. I've been registered on here since 2005, but only really started posting regularily recently. I'm one of the 0.1% of the population that finds weather and all of its extremes fascinating, which is surprising as it really dictates how we live our lives on a day to day basis. Also its funny how the general public always talk about 'the weather', but hardly any of them follow it as a hobby! Anyway this is easily one of the best and frendliest websites around.
  3. And, welcome NL! I was at the 9-0 thrashing of Bristol Rovers!!
  4. Same here, only just discovered this thread as well.'arry's Blue & White army!
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