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  1. I think its going to be disgustingly mild....worse than the infamously mild December 2015. 10.3.C (a new record) with a ridiculously mild feed around Winter Solstice....I see temperatures hitting 20.C on the 20th in 2020 making for a great headline. Check climate reanalyser out, as of 19th Nov the Arctic area anomaly is an outrageous +6.7.C and thats with respect to 1980-2000! Rainfall roughly 100mm
  2. I go with a predominantly unsettled, wet and windy month, with some rather mild days but more on the way if polar maritime and Arctic, could get some short lived sleet flurries. 6.9.C and 117mm
  3. 202 minutes late sorry (but I don't remember to play every month anyway......) I personally think October 2020 is going to be absolutely horrific and end of the world like at times. I think that sometime in mid to late October, say the 19th, we are in for a vile Atlantic storm which will rival and actually surpass the Great Storm of October 1987 which will rip up trees and cause unwanted devastation which just adds to the increasing misery wrought by Covid. There will be nothing settled about this month and the overall temperature will be fairly academic at a mild 11
  4. At present here is my 3 month prediction..... September 2020 - Bursts of Indian Summer and a Spanish plume or three. Highest temps will exceed 30.C with a couple of late tropical nights. However, in between there will be cooler, wetter incursions. I go with a CET of 16.2,C, warm end if not the warmest on record. October 2020 - I think this will be unusually settled for an Autumn month with prolonged High pressure. This will mean some unseasonably warm days at times in the low to mid 20s but equally a small nudge in the High will cause a few frosty nights. CET of 12
  5. Drab July thus far (cooler and drier than my expectation however.....) I expect August to be truly insipid, cool, giving 2014 a run for coolness. It will fail to hit 20.C in all but SE most days with NW winds dominant, dull, damp and Atlantic in an unseasonable Polar Maritime way. So 14.6.C please and 105mm However..... I see a very slow Azores High migration and a September almost as sunny as Spring and warm with it (infact Sep 2020 will have a higher CET than any of the 3 summer months of this year)..... Plenty of Summer weather in 2020,
  6. Warmer than average but not markedly so, but definitely wetter than average with plenty of rain, frontal from depressions, storms etc. One decent plume producing a short run of 30.C+ but nothing as warm as last years record. 17.0.C and 125mm please!
  7. June 2020 will be a record warm one. CET 18.5.C It will be very anticyclonic and very dry too. Dry but not unusually warm at first with a few chilly nights but heat building in SE Europe at present will plume up in SE winds in the last 10 days giving temperatures breaking the all time record, 41.3.C and a night not dropping below 26.C following. The headlines will be all about schools closing again due to heat jus5 after some reopen due to Coronavirus. Will it last? No. This will be a front loaded Summer with a warm but very unstable July full of vicious thunderstorms and an absolutely abysma
  8. Thankfully drier than average with a lot of High pressure, it will start cool with frosts but the month will show both temp extremes, a bit of snow in week before Good Friday but a strong Spanish plume jacking the average up near end, which will give temps exceeding 30.C. Overall 9.0.C and 34mm.
  9. I cant help feel that March will actually turn colder and be the 'winter month' outside of meteorological winter. We will still get plenty of stormy weather (I called storms in Feb and teo so far if not the correct part if month.,) but the winds will at times gave more of a northern polar maritime and even Arctic bite to them. Being March, while most of the UK will get involved in the snow, it will come and go and the March sunshine will see off any accumulations rather speedily in the daytime. 130mm and 5.5.C please
  10. I will start with Feb..... Feb 2020 - Mildest in recent years. Settled and foggy mid month but ending with an horrific storm to rival Oct 1987. March 2020 - A weird month starting stormy, segueing into the only real ‘winter’ weather of the season with a wet snowy early period and staying a little below average before an insane warmup near the end. Vet just below average at 6.2.C which will be lower than any of the 3 ‘winter’ months we have just had. April 2020 - A prolonged spell of dry weather with very warm daytime highs and cool nights. Record CET of 12.1.C May 2
  11. Sorry for late entry having password issues with former. Late Feb 2018 was known for the Beast from the East (one of my favourite weather events of all time.) Last year the insanely mild weather and disgustingly over 21.C record. This year....... two extremes. Not of temperature but of weather type. Mid Feb will see major fog issues in the SE with mild to even warm daytime highs in mid to high teens crashing to mid or low single figures at night and grounding a few flights. Then before March starts an horrific Low below 930mb will crash into the UK on a reinvigorated jet stream a
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