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  1. This is my top 5 worst storms I've ever experienced. (NOTE: I can't really remember thunderstorms before 2017-2018, so I'm sorry if there are pretty much only new storms) Number 5: August 24 2018 Me and my family was at Skegness during this horrific storm. Earlier that day, lots of mediocris clouds formed as I was getting food for my holiday near Lincoln. As we arrived at Skegness, it started raining. I eventually then heard thunder and hail. It was only about 30 mins. Number 4: April 26-27 2019 I was on my school bus for home. As we was at a traffic light junction, me and some friends spotted over 4 huge clouds. One of them would become thunderstorms and would affect my area. Luckily, it didn't reach my area, but I did hear thunder. Number 3: July 27th 2018 As soon as I woke up, I heard loud thunder. I rushed down the stairs and then saw torrential rain for about 10 or so minutes. Later that day another storm came around my area. I cant really remember it tho. Number 2: July 24th 2019 At about 1am, I heard lightning. It then started raining heavily at about 2. I couldn't sleep that night; I was on my iPad with my headphones to the maximum volume. Number 1: August 27th 2019 There were 2 storms that day. About 7pm I heard lightning and the clouds were a shade of orange. About an hour later, I saw thunder every second, with loud lightning.
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