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  1. Very cold day today, still at 9C, highs of 10C wont be reached until 11PM
  2. Low of 4C last night, lowest for the last two months, although as pointed out, we had much lower temps last year. So whilst the nights are milder, the daytime tempreatures are markedly cooler. Last October we had two unseasonably cold days at the start with 13C and 14C respectively here in Brentwodo, with lows of around 2C or even below, but it got mild, and then at the end of the month maxima ranged from 11-13C. Next week showing tempreatures in that range. Around 3-4C below average. weather+brentwood - Google Search WWW.GOOGLE.COM
  3. I don't mind the rain, because September here was very dry. Rain is okay in autumn. BBC and met office outlook suggesting outbreaks of what the bbc calls "a short-lived very cold northerly plunge, with widespread night frosts and even some sleet and snow showers". Maybe we will have a cold winter for once. Autumn is certainly shaping up nicely. I thought september would be a very warm month, but the cold at the end cancelled out the heat mid month and its marginally above average.
  4. Highs of just 10C here today, albeit minima at 8, one of the coldest October days here and definitely the coldest for this early in October. .
  5. are there any weather records broken in that part of central and eastern europe? seems like western europe is having colder than average weather whilst the east is having warmer than average. a change from where we were in mid september when western europe was exceptionally warm and the east was average or a little cooler.
  6. Just 11C maxima forecast for tommorow for me. Though minima at 9C. Noticing that whilst this is more prolonged than the cold snap we had at the start of october last year, we have had no frosts. The minima for september this month for me was 6C, whereas last year it was 1C, although that is unusually cold.
  7. Absolutely awful weather in london and essex today, has not stopped raining.
  8. Some of the maxima my area has seen in the last few days (12C) and will see later this week would be typical of November, never mind late September and early October! Not really that cold over night, but still its looking like a much colder outlook. I thought it would be a mild month.
  9. Another frigid September day, (yes its not that cold but for september and southeastern england it is and is especially so when you factor in the wind). Looking like a cool start to october too. The CET is coming right down.
  10. Absolutely frigid here. 12C feeling more like 8C. Very strong winds. Heavy rain this morning too. Feels like winter.
  11. Didn't think we'd ever get tempreatures that low given the recent warm spell. Hope it continues
  12. Felt cold today at around 14/15C, tommorow will be a very cold day for September, highs of just 12C but with northerly winds it will feel like 9C.
  13. Nicely timed autumn weather for the equinox. But wow - tempreatures reaching minima in my area of 4C for Saturday night/Sunday morning!
  14. Things looking rather chilly even for late September. 12C on Friday here in southwestern Essex. Finally some cool weather.
  15. Autumn is coming - looking quite cold even for late September. I recall we had a cold snap with similar Maxima but much lower minima for a couple of days after the 1st of October last year. This is Essex.
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