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  1. Yes I know good WS are £100+ but I am still not so keen to invest... ? I didn't look to buy WS, just saw this one accidentally . Thanks everybody who tried to help me!
  2. I know it is budget one but I am not a "professional" and don't want expensive stations... I can't see inside many components for swapping out regardless my good knowledge/skills of hardware. Anyway I don't think I can find another one dead to make one working. Probably I will give up wasting time... ?
  3. I tried connect all sensors and put batteries but no changes, it's the same as before...
  4. I did everything as you described and Cumulus now shows everywhere zero except pressure 1170mb... Command prompt keep saying "Error reading data from station- it may need resetting"
  5. Sorry it's too complicated for me... In Device Manager had no Ports. I added them manually and appeared Communications Port (COM4) with yellow exclamation mark regardless of USB is in or out...
  6. I managed to get Cumulus by entering when CMX is opened (http://localhost:8998 doesn't work) I thought it is program to install...anyway now I see Cumulus but nothing happens when plug in USB (sensors not connected to sender, no batteries in it) Jtay said Just fire it up, plug in the usb and from memory, see if the comms indicators flicker. Which memory, indicators...? Sorry I lost idea what to do with Cumulus...
  7. Thank you guys but I am not good with that matter, even don't know what is Cumulus, Pi...Have no time to learn all that from scratch... ? On the other hand, don't want to involve PC in that game... ? Obviously the stuff is too old as you mentioned and probably I couldn't find used working console...
  8. I will find/try Easyweather and what to expect- to use it instead console display or can update firmware to revive console?
  9. Thanks Mandrake, No, I didn't pay so much, just wanted to see how it's working... When connect it via USB cable, PC installed drivers but I can't see it in W. Explorer or somewhere in Device manager, just known sound when plug in/out. I've got electronics background, oscilloscope, but don't know what to check if open it...
  10. Hi all, I bought new in box Maplin Weather station N96GY (WH1081) from car boot sell. Unfortunately console display doesn't work...When I put the batteries in, all digit segments and LEDs come on for a 1-2 sec (like initial test) and everything disappear, screen is clear, nothing on it. My questions are: 1. Is that common known problem? 2. Is it hardware or software problem? 3. Generally is it possible to update the firmware? Any solution please? Thanks
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