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  1. Heavy snow here and starting to settle
  2. Wifi boosters

    I have the Virgin super hub, which gives me speeds up to 200Mbps when i am plugged with Ethernet cable, But the WiFi only gives me a max of 20Mbps I have read that the hub is bad for WiFi signal, so is there a way of boosting the WiFi around the house? i have read that turning the Hub to modem only and fitting a new router will work, but do not want to spend £200 on a new router and find no difference. Any cheaper alternatives or advice?
  3. Evening Coops how long you been back in UK, take it you are still in touch with Lou?
  4. Premier League Discussion

    Difference being those games last season would of been 3 points not 9, we did ok against the better teams, but you are right will see where we are at when we play better opposition
  5. Premier League Discussion

    Great news! very strong squad now
  6. Just on the edge here, can see constant lightning but no rain or thunder
  7. Amazon Fire Stick

    There is an issue at the moment http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-39119089 although firestick is not mentioned looking at some forums this problem is affecting a lot of people
  8. Amazon Fire Stick

    Contact Amazon, something is wrong, I have 4 fire sticks across the house and never had that problem, hub is down in living room, and daughters still works in loft comversion, we do have a wifi booster in one bedroom. Are you using it as a standard firestick? Or have you got a preloaded one with Kodi on? If Kodi is on it you need a minimum of 10mbps
  9. Fibre Optic Broadband

    Getting this, although currently got iPad, TV, Xbox, and firestick running in the house, in various rooms
  10. Fibre Optic Broadband

    Just updated to Virgin V6 and new hub, speed has been going up all day http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/i/1962910080
  11. Premier League Discussion

    No he is just anti anything United, thinking about it, he is anti anything Premiership!
  12. Premier League Discussion

    A vast difference! We have had to many draws, but our style and football has improved 10 fold on last season, there is a lot of transfer business to be done in the summer, more out than in, all that's really needed is a top striker i have watched every match this season, and there is just an excitement about the way we are playing, even tonight, I was disappointed, but really enjoyed the match and the passion shown
  13. Slushy mess here, nice to see heavy falling snow, but not really settled
  14. Premier League Discussion

    Somebody will give him ago soon enough, nothing to lose think he will do quite well
  15. Premier League Discussion

    Bob Bradley: Swansea City sack American manager http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/38442329