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  1. Measly dusting we had last night has gone and drizzle at moment, Hertfordshire
  2. Nothing wrong with Ware that’s where I am from, apart from it still not snowing!
  3. Snow symbols dropping off my phone now, looks like Herts to far north, hardly had anything last year
  4. Cheers Paul, will take a look at that
  5. Can anyone recommend a laptop for Sims 4, want to get one for my daughter for Xmas, but only have a budget of £250 maximum
  6. Still nothing here, glad most have had a good winter, and nice to see falling snow, but at best we have had a dusting all winter, no snow days for kids, no sledging!
  7. What’s it like up around Cambridge? Daughter has Vaulting later so driving up from Hertford, it’s clear here yet again, looks like the sledges are not getting used for another winter
  8. A slight dusting, my kids have still not had enough snow this winter to go sledging
  9. I work on Upland road, got out of there at 3 today, dread to think what it is like now
  10. A bit of a covering but now stopping, loved all the pictures from around the country, seems Herts was just not lucky this winter
  11. All starting to move NW, don’t look like any for here tonight, was hopeful earlier watching the radar, and despite radar showing me under snow nothing has fallen
  12. Things seem to be upgrading, but still only got a few flakes blowing in the wind!
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