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  1. Agreed mike57. We didn't get much rain on the coast but it was a generally damp but mild day, with rain in the wind tonight blowing in off the moors. It seems the temperatures here are about to yo-yo as the wind comes around to a N/NW after a cold front moves through.
  2. I think you are right Summer8906. I recall it poured down during the late afternoon / early evening of Thursday 15th October, but had stopped by about 10pm. The thing I recall then was going to my car to take me home and finding it dripping wet with condensation, a bit like a fevered brow. I don't know why this happened but it was perhaps a sign of things to come. The other thing I recall was of seeing the moon through the overhead trees, never realising that some of the trees were into their last few hours of life. The week before the Great Storm was certainly v wet in the south east of England, and I recall flooding in the Croydon area sometime between 7th and 9th Oct. This turned out to be a major factor in the downfall of so many trees in the area a week later, with light chalk soil, v wet surfaces, shallow roots and leaves still on the trees all exacerbating the problem.
  3. We certainly had a bit of rain this afternoon on the coast but it didn't last long and had cleared away by 5pm. Currently damp and dreary outside but still v mild.
  4. The weather in the appropriately named Weatherfield has certainly taken a turn for the worse!
  5. I like the analogy! Back on the NY coast for a final few days before we close up the caravan for the winter. Very mild with wind (yes we do have wind) blowing off the moors. Hope it continues for the rest of this week. I've not seen the forecast for the week ahead but I suspect it's not going to be entirely dry.
  6. OMG, I can do without another 1963 or 1979, thank you very much!
  7. Correct of course, 1987, and here are the results of the innocuous-looking low pressure in the Bay of Biscay a day later. You can see which way the wind was blowing! Friday 16th October 1987, South London / Surrey.
  8. An innocuous-looking weather map and forecast for 15th October, but which year, and why should it appear under 'Historic Weather'?
  9. No such problems this morning, and quite mild despite the absence of sun. I suspect the coming couple of days may be different, with a drop in temperature by night and day.
  10. Yes, will it won't it (sun come out) seems to be the story of the weather here today. The wont's seem to have it at the moment.
  11. J H Brazell, London Weather (to 1964), all temperatures degrees F. Month Mean Diff from average Mean max Diff Mean min Diff Highest max Lowest max Highest min Lowest min Jan 63 29.7 -9.8 33.1 -10.6 26.4 -8.9 41.9 27.0 36.7 14.5 Feb 63 32.5 -7.4 36.1 -8.5 28.9 -6.2 45.3 28.4 34.9 20.5 Mar 63 44.3 +0.5 49.8 -0.3 38.7 +1.2 57.0 40.8 46.2 27.1 Hope this makes sense. Lowest max / min temperatures were on 24th / 25th Jan. Highest max temperature was on 14th March. Brazell quotes a few more dates but not a daily tally. A cold, cold winter which I well remember!
  12. Damp and drizzly this morning, mundane, nondescript. Hopefully it will clear later.
  13. Ditto here in S Cheshire but rain, such as it was, fell at 3pm. Signs of clearance now and a bit of blue sky to end the day.
  14. Dry at the moment but not sure it's going to stay that way. Hopefully, weather will brighten up after the cold front moves through.
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