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  1. Close to Wybunbury. Nice pubs and church. Last decent and sustained snowfall would have been in the winter of 2009/10. OK here this morning but glad that I'm heading to the East Coast later for a few days.
  2. Yes, I heard this after the BBC News at 6 tonight. I was a bit surprised and wondered whether they meant the wettest October day on record or the wettest day covering the whole of the UK. Probably the latter. It was certainly wet nationwide but nothing like the South of France. Alex has a lot to answer for!
  3. Today is the 33rd anniversary of The Great Storm of 1987. Pictured is the weather forecast for 15th October 1987 (Guardian) which perhaps shows how unprepared the authorities were for the events of the following night. The offending low is presumably the innocuous-looking one in the Bay of Biscay which has headed across the Atlantic (arrowed) and which was supposed to head south from the Channel into France. Its actual track into Southern England was what caused the loss of life and widespread devastation, and the post-Storm ramifications were many and long-lasting.
  4. A bit strange since we have a bright dry morning (so far) here in S Cheshire and the weather forecast was the other way round (better in the north of the region than the south). Not complaining and some beautiful autumnal colours.
  5. ...but some interesting possibilities for midweek next week, or so it seems.
  6. A better day today on the N Yorkshire coast (which is not saying much) but spoilt by a monsoon downpour at 2pm after which the clouds began to break up and the sun came out. Rivers running high and fields becoming saturated, so fingers crossed for N Yorkshire that the forecast of fairly dry weather over the weekend is correct. Back across the Pennines to to S Cheshire tomorrow.
  7. Had the misfortune to be back on the N Yorkshire coast today, with steady rain and a cold wind this morning and monsoon showers this afternoon. I got soaked. It seems to have stopped raining in the last hour and hoping for better tomorrow.
  8. Second line, read 'month' for 'week'? That is if an article in today's Times is to be believed. It reports that a 1000 mile wide 'Norwegian Barrage' could mean temperatures of minus 10 in Scotland and minus 7 in England in the coming weeks, with snow on the Scottish mountains now, in Northern England from early November and the South at risk from late November. As if we haven't got enough to worry about here in the North West of England!
  9. No hail across the border here in South Cheshire, just constant, miserable wet showers of rain, with a cold NW wind. Sod it!
  10. I'm told that it's a lovely sunny day in the West of Scotland. How I wish it was the same in the North West of England, or at least this part of the NW. Another miserable Saturday!
  11. One heavy squally shower just gone through here in S Cheshire, the first of the day but not I suspect the last.
  12. I'm pleased to say I got round the flooded bits and have now arrived back in S Cheshire to blue skies and a gentle breeze.
  13. I am on the North Yorkshire coast and we cannot get out of the village because the road is flooded. Must have been particularly heavy during the night as it was dry at 11pm and it had not rained here previously for the past 2 days. Rain has stopped (as forecast) and will try again shortly.
  14. Times shows Rochdale as the wettest place in the UK yesterday with 41.4mm of rain. That's 41.4 mm more than we had on the N Yorkshire coast. Back across the Pennines tomorrow and hoping for similar weather to N Yorkshire rather than Greater Manchester!
  15. Wow, that's a lot, I'm glad I'm out of it. Another beautiful morning here on the N Yorkshire coast, if a tad breezy compared with yesterday.
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