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  1. What are the chances of the monster Russian high, present at the end of the ECM, pushing west?
  2. The below chart was posted on the model thread. I haven’t looked at the strat charts for a while. Will be interesting to see if the trend develops / strengthens.
  3. At day 10 on the ECM the Euro picture is not ideal, but as others have commented recently, the Northern Hemisphere Profile is encouraging with the PV shunted well away from its usual location.
  4. Yes, the Control was much colder and closer to the Mean at day 9/10
  5. Good indications for a cooler and more seasonable spell of weather in the coming week. With the potential for something colder in the extended.
  6. ECM is obviously hungry as it picks up the high pressure ‘hot potato’ it dropped this morning. Moreover it hints at D10 as wanting to share said potato with Greenland. I remain for now, sceptical.
  7. Day 10 ECM churns our something believable, even if you don’t want to believe it.
  8. Yep, GFS and ECM head off in different directions. But at least they are interesting directions.
  9. The 00z gfs has some weak heights to the north, pushing the jet south. Would no be mild.
  10. Always Obertauern. Due to the altitude the snow is always good. Even in the very warm week in February 2019, when much of the Alps were turning to slush, the snow stayed in pretty good condition. Although I think it’s location in the Eastern Alps, also helped on that occasion.
  11. Still hoping to make our now regular visit to Salburgerland this winter.🎿🙏❄️ I’m sure the cold and snow will come.
  12. Heights to the north again on the 00z GFS. Thats four in a row now. By day 14 it’s showing a tasty Scandi block.
  13. Another interesting run from the GFS. While not as exciting as the 06z and 12z for UK cold, the theme of heights to the north continued. It was persistent as well and reached 1045. The PV also ended up over the Siberian side of the Arctic.
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