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  1. That’s as good as it gets on the 00z, so I’ll take it. If you like long fetch South Westerly’s then Sunday should be to your liking; from the Azores to Russia.......I won’t post the chart as it makes me a bit
  2. The GFS is still toying with the idea of a warming. The 00z run shows a nice progression from 288hrs to the end of the run, however the PV still looks rock solid and the warming probably not significant.
  3. GFS has been playing with this idea over the last few runs. Yes it is deepest FI, but perhaps something to keep an eye on.
  4. The 00z GFS is having a reasonable go with the secondary warming in deep FI. The vortex again being pushed around and stretched, but no split shown.
  5. Given the lack of snow in Europe this winter, that is a very interesting chart.
  6. Hey ho, it will no doubt all look different by tomorrow or possibly even this evening. Chins up!
  7. What is also interesting is the scatter. Is this model uncertainty influenced by the warming in the strat?
  8. GFS is still showing the SPV getting moved around the ring by the warming, but such is its strength this year it largely stands firm. Can a secondary warming land a knockout blow......
  9. Yes, the 18z GFS is on the tease again in FI. At T276 it even takes the jet to Morocco I’m sure it will look exactly the same come the morning........... Still, it proves enjoyable viewing.
  10. 18z GFS isn’t going for the split, but still a significant warming and a potential secondary warming at the end of the run.
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